Beauty is only skin deep but boy do these new Dutch skins Help!
I wasn't Planning on Blogging Tonight due to a large amount of Tia Maria and coke so please excuse this messy but yummy post XD
Iki and her umpa Lumpas have been working really hard the last couple of months releasing skin after skin Each line getting better and better I was in love with River but Jolie is just Breath taking, Pouty lips cute nose perfect eye brows and the choice of make up pallet is amazing.16 MakeUps & Prim EyeLashes included in the packs
with each skin you get
• 2 x Cleavages
• With and without Freckles/Moles for all skintones.
• Black and Brown Eyebrows
• Extra Blond Eyebrows for the skintones Olive, Caramel and Cream.
skin tones include Coffee, Olive, Caramel,Cream and CafeNoir which is a new Darker tanned skin which Iki got me all excited about.

the cafe noir skintone is so pretty and has a really exotic element to it.

just showing a selection of the Carmel make ups


and Olive

Well done iki on another great release

the Undies worn are by 5th & Oxford, The Little Miss Lingerie comes with bra, knickers, knickers with suspenders and stockings.

Love vanity
Jolie skins out NOW taxi

p.s yes I am drunk hence why not everything is credited I will update the names of anything you guys want in the Morning don't keeeell meh!

oh and pps thank you Trace for invviting me to do a joint posting with you today
please look at traces post here
quote from post

"I should mention that she put a penis man at the foot of my bed as revenge. See, she can be evil too. Erm, onto the outfit!"

My City

Ive been wearing this for the last couple of days which is surprising as im not a huge fan of anything pink!
but I still love seeing it around.
The New hat From Lelutka and Dutch touch new Jolie pip skins inspired me for this look I actually have a lot more looks with the pip skins but I will save them for another day.
BUT how lush are the lips just yummy.
The hat It's like coming across an old box of My Little Ponies...reminding you of childhood yet slightly twisted.
I love Having the whole city on my head.
Another new love is the New hairs from Lamb<3
the length the bangs are just love love love.

The Jumper and Pants are really old from Skin Flicks I have a couple more knitwear and jumpers from there that are old but still look current and up to date.

Hat:[LeLutka]-CITY hat pink (new)
Shoes [ Riddle ] Leopard Heels - Pink
Gloves lelutka Gloves MAGENTA(very old)
Skin::: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLie:: Cream - PiP1
Hair:!lamb. Say - Powder
Jumper:Skin Flicks Christy Pant Black Tweed
Pants:Skin Flicks Christy Sweater Black

p.s I also did a debut post today on
I will be doing weekly looks along with Nina Fessbeinder and Kianna Noel <3

Love always

Falling into Decay

One of my very favorite stores in Sl is Fall into Decay, These beautiful dresses have been in my inventory for so long there almost dusty, and had to make the time and effort to snap them.
if you have never been to oki Karas`s store you must do her collection is still small but her dresses are amazing with torn and distressed textures frayed hems Floaty airy skirts makes these pieces unique and beautiful.
While at her Main store be sure to look around the the beautiful Alirium gardens.

Necklase: Earthtones: Heartwood Necklace Gold
Arm Wings:YIPs for left arm wing single from the Bird package
YIPs eye roly poly worn in hair
Hair:!lamb. Milk - Powder
Skin:[]::Tuli::[] Bella  pale natural (coming soon to her store)
Dress:*fid*C-01-white Fall into Decay


Skin: Dutch Touch ::JoLie:: Olive - YellowEagle(coming soon)
Dress:*fid*C-01-black Fall into Decay
Shoes:Aoharu Ethnic Bijou Sandals
Jacket: The Closet:Cropped Fur Jacket
Hair:SLink Julianne Hairstyle
Feathers from Fd

Skin:Dutch Touch River CatsEyes
Tights:!O: Basics Sheer Leggings [PITCH]
(Milk Motion) my crow cape without bow(coming soon)
Dress:fall into decay *fid*A-02-black
Hair:Maitreya Faye - Pitch
Ears:SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy

Skin:Dutch Touch:JoLie:: CafeNoir- Black (coming soon new tone)
Bangle:[LeLutka] - Judith Bracelet color scripted
Shoes:[LeLutka]-SHANON Diamond Black
Hair& Hat CBC: Timeless glamor (Classic brunette)
Necklace:P.C; Stone Mozaic Bib Necklace

Also I had to show a sneak peep of ikis new skin Jolie will be doing a more in depth review in the week but my god has Jolie got a beautiful face well done iki Skins will be out soon.

p.s I would like to take the opportunity to Thank Dango Chan whos celebrating her 100th blog post today \0/
which I as well as 5 other amazing girls was asked to pose to be in the post.
Ty Dango Chan heres to 100 more posts <3

p.s take a peep at her post here
Love Vanity

It’s a statement

If you didnt already know Marni Grut, mastermind behind Royal Blue and Friend has recently joined the creative team at Lelutka.
When Marni first told me she was joining lelutka, I was so excited as her quirky and unique ways and always non conventional feeling clothes mixed in with lelutka's fabulous style and class was bound to be a great fashion Fusion.
as the weeks go on im told the lelutka team will keep adding very frequently to there collection which im looking forward to almost as much as Seeing what great name Marni will name her next item :P love the names of her items.

Tess is on a Mission is Marnis style all over, Body suits sleek sexy and makes me want to sing babylon zoo spaceman from the old levis advert.
In the First pic I teamed it with Thoras amazing sash belt from the feather dress. which looks good with simple jeans and shirts more high waisted belt's pleaseee

1st and second pics style card.
Skins:Lelutka Umber
Outfit:[LeLutka] - Tess is on a Misson in Empty Space
Hair: MrS (MrSigmund Fride)/CheerNo:CHEERNO Simple/
Hair net:from Clawtooth Timeless Glamour (Fishnet for hat)
Hat: LeLutka - Kateys Running Through the Woods in Charcoal
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Ixkin black

pure its a statement Dress <3 it
Dress:LeLutka-FEATHER dress/black
Hair:Maitreya River worn with Eclat dark bangs
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Ixkin black
Skin:lelutka jade Umber

look one:
Hair:Cuba(might be re named)coming soon to kookie
Skin: Eclat fair5
Leggings:[LeLutka] Stacys Night Out leggings in Oil
Dress: Lelutka:Penelope a Part Time Pirate dress Blackdeath
Shoes: Maitreya Neyya in patent black

Look two:
Poncho: LeLutka Corinth poncho/black( I had to stop myself from buying every single one of these honestly one of thebest Ponchos ive ever seen made in sl)
Skin: Lelutka Jade Umber
Leggings: Leutka Olivas off to the Death Match Leggings in Wedding

p.s went to see my sister Graduate today wha an amazing day, so proud of her so to any other sl'ers that have recently graduated well done you

Maries Crows Nest

As Halloween and dark nights draws near, so does the next designers United Event and appropriately the Theme is crows.
Marie has been a very very very busy bee the last couple of weeks and created 10 items for the event which will be held at Cupcake sim between 25th October - 3rd November
Glad to have you all on the sim, and cant wait to see what you all have in store for us.
The Designers are what makes this event work and,  you all come out with the most amazing and creative limited items.

The items Maries created are all perfect for mix matching shes reinvented the loose t shirt into a dark grey with feather shoulders the cape is just amazing comes with both bow option and with out and versions.
love love love the cardigan which will come in two colors for the event blue and grey with a knitted texture perfect for fall.
The necklace shown actually comes with two parts im just showing one part of it in the pic.

Look one:
cape:(Milk Motion) my crow cape with bow(coming soon)
Tank:(Milk Motion) My crow tank(coming soon)
Hair:fri. - Deena - Emo Black worn with (Milk Motion) my tree of crows (coming soon)
Skin:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)
pants:Whippet & Buck Boyd Dress Trousers

Look two:
(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) My pearl&feather necklace(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) my crow loose tshirt(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) My headband(coming soon)
Milk Motion) my leather boots
*Fishy Strawberry* Corduroy leggings Black
fri. - Cassie - Cynical Black

Look Three
(Milk Motion) my crow cardigan grey(coming soon)
Tank:emery grey tank
Hair:truth Freda black
pants:Whippet & Buck Boyd Dress Trousers
Skin:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)

Skin fair is over and raised $2873.88 USD.  \0/
now and this part of the post is long over due Marie created one of the cutest unique skins at the fair this year named Collette

which comes with an optional teeth version shown

just showing you some of the make up options available,from cute Disco to kawwii sweet to Emo and Tired.

If you love Maries skins at the fair and you are a fan of collette you will be pleased to know shes adding 4 more winter season make up options ive picked 3 of them to show you

1st:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - flu as you can see she has a pinkish red nose looking rather ill and tired as you would if you have a cold or flu, such a cute idea.
2nd:is the limited skin made for the crow event
3rd:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - soooo sad you an see the tears under the eyes again the pinky nose,
the other not shown is called shy just blushing goodness.

sorry for the pic spam tonight I got carried away

<3 vanity

Lelutka Jade


<3 Lelutka Ebony Skins that were just released yesterday called JADE. They are absolutely delicious.
I cannot stress what an outstanding job Minnu Palen has done with these skins.
Close Friends and people that see me in sl will more then likely always find me in dark tanned or Black skins, But not recently as alot of mine are rather old and dated now,
So When Aradia mentioned there will be an Ebony line following Eclat I (squealed rather loud in fact sounded a lil bit like this lol) and can you blame me, The face is so hauntingly stunning and exotic, just so so so beautiful.
I love the slight rosy blush on the cheeks and the poutiness of the lips.   Totally gorgeous and well worth the money!

The Skins come in two Ebony shades Dark and Umber
some of the make ups in the Umber tone which I think I prefer to the dark tone. shown above again these pictures have not been touched up.
Aside from the face, the shading on the body is perfection. Each makeup comes with two brow shape options and also options for pubes lashes included and with or without hair base.
Each skin tone comes with 6 makeup options

The Eye Brows are Fierce and sexy slightly different from Eclats
Aside from the face, the shading on the body is perfection.
the ass is just well look your self here is just so juicy and yum!

Grace Jones anyone?
Here the body is shown in both the dark and umber tone wearing cleavage option b (yes you get cleavage option packs as well with these skins) 
What I also Love is that it carry's the same softer tummy as the Eclat skins

this post went from a style posting to a skin review I could not help myself
this skin is really breath taking

So ill post the style pictures at a later date

another love is that the skins come with the same hair attachments as Eclat but also including this amazing up pony tail.

 The whole collection is really some kind of revolution to alot of Ebony skins ive seen, that fit my shape so well.

The stole in the pics is a sneak peek at Babyhoney Baileys piece towards the new Designers united and its just amazing,wont reveal the theme yet but its going to be amazing find the Djinn & Tonic soon at Cupcakes sim where the event will be held.p.s happy birthday Babyhoney.
more pictures to come showing the full outfit soon.

Love Vanity

Lelutka Eclat

So the wait is over for the new release of Lelutkas new Skin line Eclat \0/.
The new Eclat Line is just are stunning, full lush lips, and amazing make up options ranging from natural & soft to neon nights, with a new heavier brow which I personally love and was hoping for with the new line.
(Some they might be to heavy but its easy to tweek your brow shape to make then more thinner if thats what you prefer)

Eclat is very different to the previous Lelutka skins so if they never did fit your shape before you must try a demo to see.
Also if you love the skins and would like a shape to fit to them Lelutka has also thought of that and included a new shape with the release see here.
with new body shadings highlights and tones also what I love about the new skins is the new softer Tummy, and the nose highlights for me makes my nose as cute as a button, only enhances the beauty.

 The following pictures have not been touched up at all just cropped.
all taken using these wl settings  which are ones I use for nearly every post from redgrave

Other options, include dark brows, Blonde brows, dark and light hair bases
and cute soft freckles,
shown abouve is the base layer for the light tone showing both freckle and plain version.
you also get Three cleavage options see here to gogos chest.
There are 8 makeups per skin tone.
 Below ill feature my favoirte make ups in differnt tones

So.. is it hate, or is it love? LOVE The faces are beautiful, and also hold interest you seen my pictures the skin is well made the Torso front and back is great,The makeup choices are fantastic! options are gorge, my only lil down point is of the tan skin which goes into more orange tones for my liking then bronze, but with the new black Umber Tone coming out today makes up for that cant wait to see the new Umber tone on me as looking at the pictures and the make ups just looks so YUMMY.
Your more then welcome to your opinions us in England say its like Marmite you either love or hate it but Try the skin see how it fits you,

Hair: Jacqueline hair coffee brown
Bangs:lelutka wet bangs coffee

First pic Amber lingerie set black lelutka
Messy hair black lelutka

p.s alot of the older skins have a huge reduction re fat packs only $3000l
and alot of the older hair is only 99l

Love vanity

Golden fall

I love the colors of fall (though I am seriously mourning summer's end.) but hate what follows cold cold winter like we don't get enough rain in London.

bright colors of leaves in fall The leaves turn golden and red colours. So the two looks are ones Ive been wearing and playing around with for a couple of days i wasn't going to blog these but after tping to the new trails sim  I could not help but take a few snaps.

Eyes:pc eyes:hot mocca by Lano Ling
Hair:barberyumyum 18/black:toraji Voom
Skin:Dutch Touch :RiVeR:Olive CatsEyes By Iki Ikarus

Boots:Courtisane:Hors d'haleine shoe bark by Enktan Gully
Bag:Muism Massenger bag Green [female]by Icemocolo Voom
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Brown)by Jolie Monday
Bangle:[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood A By kikunosuke Eel
News paper and grass from (iTuTu) garden tray set /A 03 toraji Voom worn on hand

Leggins:!O: Basics Sheer Leggings [WOOD]by Anya Ohmai
Skirt:SUGARCUBE- frothy tiered skirt( khaki )by Sayuri Cremorne
Shirt/hat/Necklace:pc;Utters outfit by Prue Lu

To view the Picture In large scale to see all the details  click here 

Skin: Dutch TouchRiVeR:: Caramel - CatsEyes by Iki Ikarus
Hair:Maitreya Faye - Coffee by Onyx LeShelle

Shoes:Maitreya Neyya Patent Leather Brown by Onyx LeShelle
Bangle:AC Big Bangle Wood by Aphrodite Outlander/[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood A By kikunosuke Eel
Necklace & Earrings:[MANDALA] Soul Necklace By kikunosuke Eel

Coat:Ce Cubic effect Suede half coat(beige) by mirai Jun (where has Mirai gone!!)
Pants:(Elephant Outfitters) Journey Tweed Slacks - Creme Tea by London Armidi
Top:oyakin antique-tunic(brown) by kinbo Akina



Meet RiVeR

I have a new skin crush.
Let me introduce you to that New release By Dutch Touch,called River ,
The face on River just So Beautiful  more softer with an slight Ethnic feel compared to the previously released skins by iki.
River Comes in in 4 Skin tones Cream, Caramel, Olive & Coffee.
Each River Folders includes 2 Eyebrow options and 2 Cleavages, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers, And with 11 make up options.
Skins come in bunch options includes enhances, but really there is a lot of them! Light and Dark brows and different make-up options gives you 4 options per one skin.

I really nearly did photograph almost all of them but I chose 4 make up is crazy beautiful, Iki really has a way with eyeshadow and liner options.
just going to show you four options River in the Coffee and Olive Tones.


The makeups are delish
and out now.

Wait that's not all
Iki is also releasing  I believe tomorrow River II she has a slight more poutyer lip,

eye brow river by you.
 The Brows on river II have 3 options, Black brown and Blonde,with and without freckles,
 bust by you.

Iki has also included two Cleavage options
The Body is thing which I really love on those skins, The body has very good detailing. Collar bone, back, knees, breasts the virjay XD – everything is well done and very realistic. and the Belly button is a Big YES.

All Hair by Maitreya, hair things by fd you can find these at lambs.
Eyes by p.c Hot Mocha
Lashes Arsonova
Undies by Dutch Touch

Well Done iki
Take here to Dutch Touch
Love Vanity Esparza

High Drama

I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight but I got inspired After watching the the Rodarte Spring show 2010
The new &bean A Handmaid's tale Hat (coming soon) and the new Maitreya shoes are just so amazing That I could not help taking pictures and they fitted perfectly into My dark drama look.

The hat is not released yet but is coming soon I love how lace is covering just one eye and the crow skulls just finish the look,
If you someone who’s followed Kieko and her flickr account you will see that crows appear quite frequently in her older works. Cant wait to see all the new things Miss Keiko Morigi is working on at &bean, if going by this hat I am sensing exciting

As you all know Onyx just released two now lines to her gold range and also a new line to the normal Maitreya foot wear,Im a huge fan of Maitreya shoes the quality is just supurb and Onyx LeShelle attention to detail is second to non.
If you're looking for a real knock 'em dead Heels,  then the new Maitreya Gold Esprit-Xtd is the one for you.
I will show these in better detail in a soon to come post, but for now Enjoy the Drama Drama look of this outfit.

The only Drama I know :P


Skin:&Bean - Lake Del Norm
Hair:!lamb. Babys On Fire - Ink
Hat:&Bean - A Handmaid's tale(coming soon)
Belt: good old M.A.ii.KI High Waisted Belt Black
Jacket:DeLa= Leta Black
Shoes:Maitreya Gold - Esprit-Xtd Noi
Cuff:M.A.ii.KI From the Streep set
Corset: bijou: Roop base
Necklace:p.c.; Black Orchid Necklace
Shorts:M.A.ii.KI From the Streep set

Skin:&bean Lake Last weekend
Hat:&Bean - A Handmaid's tale(coming soon)
Dress: bijou: Roop Dress
hair:Maitreya  Moon peroxcide blonde

Love Vanity