Tom Boy

Muism is one of the most innovative Brands in second life and  This weekend is celebrating their two year anniversary By marking everything down 50%.

The SALE begins on September 26, 2009 at 8pm slt

so to help celebrate there birthday I threw together some of my favorite pieces by Muism.

Muism to me has always been well made tailored clothing Key pieces that you can mix and match over and over again with out it looking old.

I went for a Tom Boy Feel with my looks

Skin:DUTCH TOUCH Group Skin Special No1 Caramel
Lashes:Long lashes Arsonova
Eyes:hana Redgrave

Look one

Gloves:(DoMoCo) Gloves: Full Finger Gloves Grey
Shoes:Mishima Dawn - Patent Liquorice
Scarf:*Muism* Crinkle scarf /Black_large
Shirt:*Muism* [Open Silk Shirt]_Gray Shirt lower parts (tuck in)
*Muism* [High-Waisted Sailor Pants]
Hair:(VW) Runway Compound - Black Tones
Jacket:*Muism* Tartan Jacket/Grey

 Look two

Top:*Muism* [Turtleneck+Vneck Sweater]
Hair:(VW) Pretty Boy - Black Tones
Pants:*Muism* [Tartan check pants] Macrae
Gloves:(DoMoCo) Gloves: Full Finger Gloves Grey
Shoes:Mishima Dawn - Patent Liquorice
Coat:*Muism* [Yeti Coat]_Black Body part

Leggins:*UnToneQuilt* Cotton linen leggings (Charcoal)
Boots:*Kookie* Pomski Boots - Black fur - Black Forest
(VW) Mod Squad - Black Tones
Jumper*Muism* [Chunky Sweater]_Hand Knit(modded alot longer)

Muism also have got an amazing new release the Messenger bag this is by far the most sexy bag on the grid right now so realistic and the small finishing touches make this bag perfect it comes in two version males and female the Male bag also looks le sex on the lady's and the one I prefer.
See here tact styling using the Male bag

love Vanity


Let's Have a War

***Picture one *** Skin: Dutch Touch Dune * Headwrap: Runoruno Samaria * Top: Bare Rose part of Lowrise Heavy Cargo outfit * Pants: Wrong Ripped 3/4 Jeans * Boots: Shiny Things Old Laceup Boots Black * Belt: part of Bare Rose Neverland 2049 outfit ***Picture two ***Skin: Dutch Touch Dune * Hair: Black Maria (Hair Fair gift) * Shorts: League * Arm attachments, top, scarf, mantle: parts of Bare Rose Neverland 2049 outfit * Boots, belt, head attachment: Tigerclaw *

An oldy but a goody…

You open your Inventory. A closet full of clothes stare you in the face. You stare back with equal force as you close your eyes with fear, But no matter how much you stare sometimes you draw a blank well thats how I feel when i look at my inventory.
For the life of me not a day goes by, I don't say I need to sort this crap out  its one huge mess
and where to start is a big fail.
But Today im glad I attempted operation clean up! or I would never of found these old super coats from Musim
which I forgot about.

So my post is about recycling the old but goodys with a touch of newness..

I love Love love this coat,

Dress:(P-K) Two straps summer dress(old)
Shoes(Royal Blue) Sluts in Skyscrapers Noir and Lemon Sting(old)
Coat*Muism* [Military Coat] Retro blue(very old)
Hair:fri. - Neva.2 - Anxious Blond(old)
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Gold)(old)
Tights:oh mai!O: Basics Sheer Leggings [NAVY] (old)
Skin:JM:Mai skin yu 06(old)

Hair Bow:Split Pea Press my face up to the window - worn on mouth/ Gatcha festival(new)
Bag:Armidi Gisaci:Gordie Leather Bag - Black(old)
Hair:Kookie Ono hair  blonde(new) this hair made me be blonde all day love Love Love it such a cute style and the bangs style is yummy.
Coat:Muism [The chic coat] Houndstooth long sleeve(very old)
Boots:Truth:Sophia Boot [midnight](old)
Under shirt:fri. - Ballet.Sweater (Black) - Top(new)
Gloves:Mimikri - Gloves black
Belt:{NODECO}Belt-Kuro/Kae Sahara
note boot:Scribble Moleskine (Blythe)(old)
Jeans:Armidi Kogo Skinny jeans black(old)

Love vanity

Late for My train

so so many new releases this week with theYummy new emery collection to Dutch touchs new skins and the forever new hairs Truth is sprouting and also seeing new and exciting things coming from Kookie the ono hair is just wow looking forward to more pieces from Miss  Kookie Lemon,
I really did want to blog and take pictures of Everything as its all so great,
but there was so many new pieces to fit into one post so I thought i'd spread my postings out over the next couple of days showing all the yummys mix with some of the good old favs.

 I did my rounds Today of the 50l Fridays. this is one of the best new events to come out in a while and one that I really look forward to each week,there is always amazing people participating each week.
well done guys,

(Milk Motion) my leather boots Long(new)
[mpb] Biologically Delicate - Pomegranate Passio; (50l fridays)
Skirt:Emery - Dress Baltimore #Gray
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Silver) - Med
Tights:Pig - Lace Tights - Dark Grey UP
Top:This is a Fawn - String Dress [black](50l friday)
Hair[ Tiny Bird ]:. Millionaire - Pepper(50l friday on the dildo Parrot vender)

Ok so I love love love this dress and the back is just Ka-Blam sexy and had to include a picture of the back to show it off,  also wearing the new  Estelle skin from lis noir the face is by far one of the cutest fresh faces on the grid and im loving her<3 and with the lil Tiara from Miss Hykovas hair Millionaire Makes this outfit a million dollers.
p.s im loving the billboard advert behind me XD

Hair:Maitreya RiverII pitch
Skin:Lis Noir Pout-ESTELLE-nudey bar (new) byBeatrix Hienrichs
Bag:PARADISIS Pashion : Bag Pink  by Ankhari Tammas( was an old group gift)
Boots:(Milk Motion) my worn ankle boots *black*(new)
Belt:LAQ ~ Dark Grey Belt from an old lac cardigan
Scarf:Maitreya Long Scarf
Tights:Sh*t Happens - Almost Black Cheetah Print Stirrups
This is a Fawn - String Dress [black](50l friday)
.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Millionaire Headband (attaches to nose)(50lfriday)

now im late for my train ttyl love always Vanity

 Love, Peace, Kebab Grease

Everyone has a Dirty Dancing story

I dont think i need to explain what inspired me for these looks
Patrick Swayze
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

LAshes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
socks:Maitreya Prim Sock Brown 
hair:Maitreya:moon pitch
top:[LeLutka]-MARIYA Blouse-Bisque
Panties:Dutch Touch :Sheer Brown 
Aerobic radio: Decolage
Mix and Match of some of new bits from Emery(LURVE) Dutch Touch Cleo skins<3  
oh Mai and milkmotion
left to right
Hairs: Truth Alysa/Maitreya River pitch/Another level Aphro
Tops: Emery - Mini Top part of the new collection Outfit Singer #4
Pants: left to right:!O: Basics Sheer Leggings/Emery high waist shorts/Leggings part of singer outfit from emery as are the gloves
Boots: oh my god its about time Marie:(Milk Motion) my worn ankle boots *black*
Dj Headphone Monitor:Kru Flan

IkI is on a roll the new Cleo skins in the Coffee Tone are just so Amazing im not one for freckles normally but there so cute with this tone
Examples of some of the make up options love love love<3
Happy thursday everyone ima go get drunk and Enjoy getting another year older Today and invest ina new Bra ive been told so my boobs dont sag lol!

Two things you didn't know...

Thing One:
That I am actually a secret agent.
Not only a secret agent spy, but a fierce one that's always up for a challenge.
So when Marni set the Challenge on her new blog bone I had to take it
Thing two:
I will have to kill you. You know too much!
 Look one:
I went for a slight more traditional spy look with my Trench coat & spy camera
Eyes: Sakura -Brown- Redgrave
Lashes:Arsonova;Black long lashes
ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
Hair:Argrace:Fedora Hat "Glamorous wavy
Guns/holster: *BREACH* Eagle L 1.0.2
Skin:MAI:Vanity Gothica Vol.1
Trench:Curiosity trench check
Dress[LeLutka]-Sadah dress black
Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe Black
Camera:*KUROTSUBAKI* garakuta 
case old freebie item from my rp days :D
Look two:
More Bond girl
Eyes: Sakura -Brown- Redgrave
Lashes:Arsonova;Black long lashes
ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXkin Black
Dress:{SMS} Sticky Dress Black
Earrings:[LeLutka] - Ariel Earring
Hair:[LeLutka]-JACQUELINE Chocolate Brown
this message will self-destruct in five seconds

Flickit the bean :D

My name is Vanity and I am a I am a skin addict!there I said it breaths out sigh of relief
So thank god for Keiko feeding my dirty habit with A new skin range called lake.
The New Face is truly Gorgeous its its own Unique way she has a very natural slight sad face .
There 3 face tones with 12 makeups total with two options yummy freckles and no freckles,
the make up ranges  from Natural to Glam and the understated
each of them beautiful in their own unique way.
Keiko has totally re worked her skins New body shading I love the bootay and the back look here are just simply gorge. The new lips are so pretty love love love.
ima just let the pictures do the talking XD

4 of the makeup options in the pale tone.
larger pic &Bean - Lake barbie,&Bean nohaybanda, lilacwings.

4 of the make up options in the Mid tone
Larger pic &Bean - Lake ohnoes, kablam, redwing,Nude.

4 of the make up options in the Mid tone
larger pic &Bean - Lake Norm lastweekend,&Bean - Lake Norm nohaybanda
The skins go on sale sunday 6th yes tomorrow evening  oh and thats not all yes im talking alot today
all hair by friday pantys by bp was from starlust panty raid
GUYS theres something for you to :D

isnt he just yummy drools haha
keiko has also started a new &bean flickr group here to join
whispers also dont forget to join the &bean subscribe as well in store word has it she just might drop a goody in there.....
but dont tell anybody  I told you XD
love Van

Life is a Cabaret

Iki Ikarus Recently has been coming out with some Amazing Skins with the most Amazing Makeups,
and the Pipo line is not exception,
This skin is not only has a beautiful Face but the make ups are so much fun as well.

Ive had so much fun playing around with different outfits to suit the skins playfulness
Below are just a few examples that I come up with.

Cardigan: barbee. Jewel  Karusu knit undies included
Socks:Emery - Socks Animal Print #7
hair: fri. - Neva.2 - Anxious Blond
hair: band from coif no longer available in world
Skin:: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO PiPo:: Cream - 1
Boots: Victorian Boot from the Marionette Doll Abyss

Boots:BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent
Bra:&Bean - In a manner of speaking Black 
Skin::: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO PiPo:: Cream - 2
Everything else parts of ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin outfit
Tattoo:AITUI TATTOO - Sacred Pain
Hair:Maitreya River II - White

Corset.:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. - De/konstrukt (black)(no longer ope
Stole:Skin Flicks Hanna Fur  Black
Skirt:(Royal Blue) Spring Bum in Noir 3
Skin:: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO:: Cream Pink 2
Hat:[CoL] Top Hat Freebie located outside of church of luxe thank you Lo
Shoes:[LeLutka]-TEESE shoes_R/black
Hair:fri. - Neva.2 - Emo Black

Love Van