Military Glam Lelutka Winter

               Hello, I am very pleased to bring you today the new releases for this season of LeLutka.
I hope my photographs will help you see the texturing and sculpt work that as always is superb.
One of my favorite pieces is the FOXTROT dress because the ruffles and the sash are just incredible.

I always find it great that LeLutka takes care of their accessories to complement their apparel designs, in this season, we see two hats in different styles that will surely complete your wardrobe.

Overall I find many connections and touches of different styles in the collection which is very nice to see, I believe it's appealing to everyone in their own way.
Lastly, I really love the little details that LeLutka takes into consideration, such as proper sizing for walking, stitching, glitch layers and the dual possibilities for 2.0 users and previous viewer ones.


First Look
Model one
Skin:[LeLutka]-E/Estellelight-makeup1 Minnu palen
Stitches:Stiky KissButterfly stitches- substorm daysleeper (xstreet only item)
Lashes:[ glow ] Devilicious 00 anemysk karu
Sash:Napoleonic Sash megg Demina
Hair:(VW) Pushed and Shoved - Blonde Tones vintage mcmillan(very old)
Coat:[LeLutka]-CHARLIE jacket green azufr3 catteneo(new)
Tank:[LeLutka]-TANK top1 black Thora Charron
Stockings:barbee. Stockings (Damage) natsu barbee(shop closed right now)

Model two
Jacket:LeLutka-CHARLIE jacket brown Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Shirt:[LeLutka]-INFANTERIA shirt sand Azufr3 Catteneo
Pants:[LeLutka]-MILI pants brownThora Charron (new)
Boots:COCO -laced work boots
Hat:[LeLutka]-GENERAL hat Thora Charron(new)
Hair:[LeLutka]-GEORGEOUS hair -walnutwhip(new)

 Second Look
Eye Liner:DutchTouch:: MakeUp - EyeLiner - Thick
Romper[LeLutka]-ALPHA romper beige(new)
Corset:[LeLutka]-BRAVO corset sand(new)
Hat:[LeLutka]-DELTA hat/brown(new)
LeLutka]-Natasha HUSH-Makeup3 Minnu palen
Hair modded off super old bangs from lelutka called Wet bangs not for sale any more

 Third Look
Hat: [LeLutka]-DELTA hat/green Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Coat:[LeLutka]-SIERRA coat/dirt Azufr3 catteneo(new)
Scarf:Maitreya Long Scarf * Champagne Onyx Leshelle
Corset: [LeLutka]-BRAVO corset/sand Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Shoes:Maitreya Gold * Moxie All Basics
 BodySuit:[LeLutka]-FOXTROT dress brown underpants Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Bangs [LeLutka]-WET bangs - Chocolate Brown(very old item no longer for sale)

Model two
Hat:[LeLutka]-GENERAL hat Thora Charron(new)
Hair:[LeLutka]-GEORGEOUS hair Thora Charron(walnut whip)(new)
Coat:[LeLutka]-SIERRA coat/dimgray Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Romper[LeLutka]-ALPHA romper/dark Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Shoes:[LeLutka]-FAME pumps/black Minnu palen(new)

Fourth Look
Shoes:Maitreya Gold  Moxie All Basics
HAT R.icielli -hat  greenII Fhara Acacia
Skin:[LeLutka]-E/Estellelight-makeup5 Minnu palen
Hair:[LeLutka]-SAMARA 2.0 hair - Thora Charron WalnutWhip
Blood:La Malvada Mujer - El azate de los cuernos [blood tattoo] Faina Cortes
Dress:[Lelutka]Foxtrott Green(new)

collection out now
 Vanity Esparza

Oh Lula

 MonTissu opens Saturday officially,on the New Sim Lula, home to Lamb, Tres Blah, Mon Tissu and Turnip.
Turnip Sorbets done a wonderful job on the build and sim, the landscaping the textures are so beautiful.

 Since seeing a picture on Flickr on Juliette's Flickr sometime ago I've been so looking forward to seeing hers and Emma's collaboration on Mon Tissu, its been worth the wait, everything is just so wonderful.
This is Just a quickie post you will be seeing a few more quickies like this from me in the Future.
Hope you like the post
Love Vanity

Bag:Tokid shoulder bag - burned orange Maya levane
Hair:LeLutka-CLEO hair - Powder Thora Charron
Cardigan{mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan  Orange Anouk spot(coming soon)new
Shirt:LeLutka-IRMA shirt/tan Azufr3 Catteneo
Skirt{mon tissu} Pretty Pleats Skirt Sepia Elie spot(coming soon)new
Boots: [SC] Surf Co.(F) Paperboy Ankle Boots  - Camel Emma gilmour 111 event sold out
Skin: -tb- {Light} Space Mod - Light Winged Brows Juliette no longer available

Under The Bridge (New Dutch Touch Skins)

Its been a while Since I did a pure skin Post, I've really been wanting to get back into skin reviews for some time now and so took the opportunity to do so with the newest skin releases By Iki.
Dutch Touch recently released its three newest skins Tekla,Eefje And Fay.
All Three Lines are stunningly beautiful Ikis worked very hard on these and you can tell,The shading is realistic with every detail being hand drawn to perfection.

She comes in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.

Eefje also comes with in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.

 She comes in 8 skin tones(Ebony,CafeNoir,coffee,choco,Cocoa,Fudge,Honey,Olive)

Credits and Info.
All Skins are Sold as Base only packs, Which include With and without hairbase layers, cleavage options,Mole and Freckles options, and 2.0 layers,&Lashes.
Fay and Eefje come with Different color brow and hairbase options,tekla only comes with dark Brow &base Options.
Iki has also released Various Makeup packs Eye shadows,eyeliners,Lipsticks I especially love the Faded Lipstick pack and the Vanity Liners there really bright and colorful :P

Skins:All skins are By Dutch Touch
Hair:All Hair By Boon
Bodysuit:Part of the Armenia Dress Lelutka

The Photos in the water are edited slightly just fixing edges and Shadows.
The full Frontal Pictures have not been edited at all pure sl using wl and shadow settings.
All make up used is from Dutch Touch.
The New Skin is in a Back Room heres a Direct Slurl


A Flower is Like a tethered butterfly.

Skin:tb-{Pale} Space Mod - Light Winged Brows Du4 No longer available-Julliette Westerburg
Hair:LeLutka-Pompai hair - Powder-Thora Charron

Pants:(fd) Vagabond Pants (Brown, Pants)-Toast Bard
Top:W&B Claven Lace Blouse Antique-Dakota Buck 
Shoes:Maitreya Gold Allure-Sock All Color-Onyx Leshelle

Necklace:Kookie Creme bird necklace-Kookie Lemon
Butterflys:CheerNoButterfly Fall-Cheerno Destiny


Only To Haunt You

Skin:Lelutka Natasha Hush makeup-Minnu Palen(new)
Lash:glow Devilicious 00-Anemysk karu
EyeLiner:Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner-Stella semaphore
Lipstick:LeLutka-Lola Nature Matte-Minnu Palen
Freckles:Dutch Touch Jolie V2 Beautymarks Moles and Xtra Freckles-Iki Ikarus(new)
Hair:Lamb Soma Granny-lamb Bellic
Top:paper couture Silk Gypsy Dress-Ava Lu
Pants:Lelutka Ibague pants dark-Azufr3 Catteneo
Shoes&Socks:Maitreya Gold Moxie Basics(new)Onyx Leshelle
Bag:LeLutka-Grafito bag/night-Azufr3 Catteneo
Hair Band:LaGyo Spina headpiece (texture change crystals)-Gyorgyna Larnia
Bangle:LaGyo Sidus bangle silver-Gyorgyna Larnia
Ring:LaGyo Atratus ring silver-Gyorgyna Larnia
Belt:[LeL.Ultra]-Raven corset from the raven Dress-Thora Charron
Torso:theosophy Halkyn Torso-Trace Osterham
Crates:Cloud 9.1 Stacked Boxes-Maddison Mokeev
Build:Cloud 9.1Urban Garage's-Maddison Mokeev