Lelutka Eclat

So the wait is over for the new release of Lelutkas new Skin line Eclat \0/.
The new Eclat Line is just are stunning, full lush lips, and amazing make up options ranging from natural & soft to neon nights, with a new heavier brow which I personally love and was hoping for with the new line.
(Some they might be to heavy but its easy to tweek your brow shape to make then more thinner if thats what you prefer)

Eclat is very different to the previous Lelutka skins so if they never did fit your shape before you must try a demo to see.
Also if you love the skins and would like a shape to fit to them Lelutka has also thought of that and included a new shape with the release see here.
with new body shadings highlights and tones also what I love about the new skins is the new softer Tummy, and the nose highlights for me makes my nose as cute as a button, only enhances the beauty.

 The following pictures have not been touched up at all just cropped.
all taken using these wl settings  which are ones I use for nearly every post from redgrave

Other options, include dark brows, Blonde brows, dark and light hair bases
and cute soft freckles,
shown abouve is the base layer for the light tone showing both freckle and plain version.
you also get Three cleavage options see here to gogos chest.
There are 8 makeups per skin tone.
 Below ill feature my favoirte make ups in differnt tones

So.. is it hate, or is it love? LOVE The faces are beautiful, and also hold interest you seen my pictures the skin is well made the Torso front and back is great,The makeup choices are fantastic! options are gorge, my only lil down point is of the tan skin which goes into more orange tones for my liking then bronze, but with the new black Umber Tone coming out today makes up for that cant wait to see the new Umber tone on me as looking at the pictures and the make ups just looks so YUMMY.
Your more then welcome to your opinions us in England say its like Marmite you either love or hate it but Try the skin see how it fits you,

Hair: Jacqueline hair coffee brown
Bangs:lelutka wet bangs coffee

First pic Amber lingerie set black lelutka
Messy hair black lelutka

p.s alot of the older skins have a huge reduction re fat packs only $3000l
and alot of the older hair is only 99l

Love vanity


bruno alves said...

wow this is a great review i cant wait to see if they do new male skins.

Vannessa Cardway said...

Love the post van.
To be honest when I tried on the skins I wasn't sure if I liked them I'm a huge mosko fan and London I guess I was expecting something similar.

But your right there completly different and can't compare, I brought the one from the event for redcross and have been wearing all day and I've got used to it the lips so cute, also I think the skin looks really real.
I never had problems with the brows to I like them infact


Tomoyo Breitman said...

i lub them on u =D

Aliana tomlinson said...

Yay for new face peels.
Skins look great love the red lips they look perfect Ty for the wl settings x

Anonymous said...

They look on you so amazing. Perfect face for this skin. I'm Jealous and in love the same time hahaha. Great work on review. I will go today to get dark skin <3. But I am still loving DT skins little more on myslef :)

Elisabeth said...

Wow...they look beautiful on you. Nice review. I love them too!

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