&Beans Pillow

Keiko releases her new &bean skin line tomorrow named Pillow!
Mrs Esparza/Morigi ♥ worked hard lately and brought us brand new skin line.
Which has very quickly become Main skin.
Pillow has a sweet Innocent girlish face and lovely and soft body.

Pillow Comes with Six options per skin pack, from thicker brows to bleach blond brows to adorable freckles.

Pillow comes in three skin tones pale,light and tanned and I have to say I think keiko really did well with the tan, its like a dark sunblush really cute and like I mentioned before body itself is very soft but nicely detailed at the same time.
What I love about Keiko and her skin releases is that each line is totally unique its not a skin line that follows on each Skin like so far has had its own character and look and feel to them,

Below im showing you examples of make up and skin tones.



& Tan

Style Credits
&bean Pillow-out tomorrow(Keikos new main shop@cupcakes opposite Snookys poses)By Keiko Morigi
Hair:(fd) Sunday Shoelace by Toast Bard
Lashes:Arsnova// Brown long Eyelashes by Thiuscy Cioc
Bubbles:Turnip's Bubbly Bits pink by Turnip Sorbet
Eyes:pc eyes by LL - hot mocca - medium by Lano Ling

Wishing you all an amazing new year.
Love Vanity

Roll up, roll up

Roll up, roll up - for a show with a difference 

Necklace:Twosome-Vaudeville necklace pearl
Hair:!lamb. Ghost - Powder
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Shoes[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Black coming soon
Dress:DU<3/Dollita-La Biche corset dress
Skin:&Bean - Babushka beta light 01(coming soon)
Rhapsody [ glow ] studio - Lashes - Lightning (WHITE) (chin)
Tiny Bird - Chicago Hair Fascinator (chin)

Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Shoes&Socks:DU<3-ANEXX_Vaudevillian Shoes
Cane:/ME - "Unisex Vaudeville Baton/Cane"
Hat:/ME - "Vaudeville Top Hat!"
Cards:[MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Poker Fan / Animated
Cards:[MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Poker Rain / Attachment
Jacket(Madsy) Vaudeville cropped jacket - red
Panties:mijn.t [Dans La Lune] panties in Black
Hair:!lamb - Egomaniacal - Powder w/ Black Roots
Skin:&Bean - Babushka beta light (coming soon)

Cane:/ME - "Girly's Vaudeville Baton
Hair Feathers:Tiny Bird - Chicago Hair Fascinator
mijn.t [Cirque du Ballet] bodysuit & gloves in Black
Hair:!lamb. Ghost - Powder
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Skirt Ruffle:Du3 LG Femme Souvenenir from Japan
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Painted Lady (dark thick brows)
Shoes:DU<3-ANEXX_Vaudevillian Shoes

Shoes:ANEXXBlack with Socks/White
/ME - "Girly's Vaudeville Baton/Cane"
(Milk Motion) DU III - top hat
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Top:Tiny Bird - Orpheum Circuit
mijn.t [Cirque du Ballet] bodysuit & gloves - pants - BLACK
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp (dark sad brows)
Hair:fri. - Yelena.2 - Cynical Black
/ME - "The Portable Vaudeville" (Girl)
Hair!lamb. Ghost - Ink
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (coming soon)
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Painted Lady (dark thick brows)
Dress:DU<3-equus - prima donna
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing

Thank you to all the Designers who sent items over its been so fun to blog for this event, I do have a few more pics but time is rather short and I know the blogesphere will be flooded today with the amazing items you guys have made.
Also thank you to the Organizers who asked me to blog for the event <3

Love Vanity x

Vaudeville Show Time

Designers United Three Starts tomorrow \0/
Ive had to do a quick post as with the Holidays getting on sober has been a Little bit difficult hope everyone's had an amazing Christmas.

The Event will be at “Le quartier des boutiques” which is Polinas new sim.event will be open to public 12am SLT tonight! and ends on the 6th of January.

Hair:lamb. Ghost - Powder
Scribble: Contortionist Corset Pearl DU Exclusive(out soon)
Scribble:Acrobat Leotard Pearl Leggings(out soon)
Scribble:Ringmaster Spats Pearl (Right)(out soon)
Scribble:Trapeze (11 Poses)(out soon)
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
&;Bean -  Babushka beta light 01(not out yet)

Dress:RunoRuno- 5 Minutes to Curtain(out soon)
Hair:!lamb. Ghost - Powder
&;Bean -  Babushka beta light 01(not out yet)
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing

Coller:Scribble~ Proper Posture Collar(out soon)
Hair:@Waffles - Miucha Vaudeville (vanilla)(out soon)
Hair beads:@Waffles! Pearls bows and flowers(out soon)
Corset:!Ohmai : Dorothy Corsetted Vintage peach(out soon)
Skirt:!O : Mildred Skit (out soon)
Shoes:LMK- Vaudeville heels (with bows)(out soon)
&Bean -  Babushka beta light 01(out soon)

Skin:&Bean - Babushka beta light (out soon)
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Black(out soon)
Dress:(Royal Blue) The Transformation Begins in Coal and Pepto Bismol(out soon)
Gloves:(Royal Blue) Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime(out soon)
Socks:(Royal Blue) The Death of a Clown Socks in Mono Act(out soon)
Hair:@Waffles - Miucha Vaudeville (vanilla)(out soon)
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Black(out soon)
Hat:DU<3/Dollita-La Biche hat(out soon)

(Milk Motion) My vaudeville playsuit(out soon)
Hair:!lamb. Unbirthday - Powder
Hait:(Milk Motion) DU III - hat black(out soon)
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Nude (out soon)
Skin:&Bean - Babushka beta light 01(not out yet)

All items showing are for the Du3 apart from the &bean skins which will be out next month and the Lelutka shoes which will be out soon as well.

Vaudeville Are you ready for the show (part one)

Its time for Round Three of the Designers United event and most probably one of the biggest so far with 39 brands are participating, the theme being
I have seen so many amazing creations so far, so many of the designers have out done them selves I will be splitting the postings into different sections the first being getting ready for the show.
The next parts being the show items them selves
  and can I say rawRRRRRR I have to say some of the show girl outfits are just so so dam sexy I have had great pleasure and fun parading myself with bras and pantys and frills and bustles the last few days whilst trying them all on.

So...... Off to the show

Magic Nook:Vaudeville Poker Card Mouth Attachment
Outfit:Cheerno.Vaude-Ville outfit includes cane
Skin:&Bean - Closer Pale Cry Baby stubble
hair:fri. - Neva.2 - Cynical Black

fan:Magic Nook:Vaudeville Poker Fan / Animated
lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Hair:Clawtooth: Play it again Sam - Classic brunette
Dress:Twosome for DU - Dancer by Day - fixed skirt
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Painted Lady (dark thick bro


Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Cacao
LaGyo_hand binocular (resize)
LaGyo_Watch and charms
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01
Top:Twosome for DU - A Lady's Blouse
Hair Piece:LaGyo_Simply a bow black
Skin&Bean -  Babushka beta light(not out)

couverture*vaudevillian fur bolero brown
-LMK- Vaudeville dress
LaGyo_hand binocular
LaGyo_Old watch headpiece
LaGyo_theater lady necklace
Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Pitch

Outfit:Duboo My androgynous look
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp (dark sad brows)
Hair:[OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1- off black
Cane:Cheerno.Vaude-Ville - Metal Cane
Glasses:Duboo 100% Circle glasses (nose)

The Event will be at  “Le quartier des boutiques” which is Polinas new sim.
The event begins on the 28th of December (12pm SLtime) and ends on the 6th of January.

Set Yourself Free

Sometimes you just need to let loose and just have fun.
And As Always
Sunami does that with her bold prints and colors and pure attitude she puts into her Pieces.
Welcome to the Scene of the crash.

Boots:Anexx Laceup Boots Black
Hair:!lamb. Ghost - Ink
Gloves:[LeLutka]- Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Charcol
Skin:[LeLutka]-Estelle sunkissed-makeup5(D Brows)
Tank:Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Dark Gray
Belt:Emery - Belt Pyramid #Black Elastic
Bra:Emery - Bra Full Busted
Jeans:Emery - Denim Orchid Club #1 Under
Jacket:Emery - Jacket Sheena #Black
Earrings:Salsa! - Vinyl Earring Left

Gloves:(DoMoCo) Gloves: Stub Gloves Blue
Jeans:Fishy Strawberry Equinox Jeans - Charcoal
Hair:!lamb. Poppyseed - Obsidian
Skin:&Bean - Lake Kablam Norm
Boots:[0N] Wo Boots
Bra:Emery - Bra Full Busted
Jacket:Emery - Jacket Orchic Club #Blue
Scarf:Emery - Striped Scarf #Blue
Socks:Emery - Socks Orchid #Sailor
Top:Emery - Top Cut #Gray
Hat:Emery - Trapped Hat #Lavender(This hat is just <3 fits my big ass head perfectly)
Love Vanity

Ty Sunami <3

Woodcutter's Daughter


Miss Marie Lauridsen has been A busy bee again, she asked me to tp her last night to show me something she was working on and it was love at first sight, This is a fur coat with attached dress has been made for  the opening of the new Triology sim or better known as Trilogy Rainy town.
The Sim will reopen on Friday to public,
with a lot of your favorite stores  Milkmotion, niniko, pda, kusshon, doppelganger, deco, & some new stores and a bunch of one item vendors in the subway.
Also a lot of the items  and a lot of the items will not be available elsewhere.
The First theme for the Sim is The Woodcutters Daughter with the themes changing every three months.

 Good Luck Gattina And Izzy.

ok back to the coat:P

The coat will have Three choices of fur leopard, brown and grey and also Muff and Shoulder fur scarf. 

The coat will come with an option not to have the dress attached but this will come after and be sold at the main store the dress version will only be at Trilogy Sim

The dress underneath is so cute the textures are so delicate and vintage looking, and will also come with a black dress version shown below.

Hair:!lamb. Poppyseed - Granny
Hat:(epoque) Baggy Knit Hat(last 50l friday item)
Skin: Both SkinsDutch Touch JoLie:: Cream - PiP
Tights:Pig - Lace Tights - Dark Grey
Socks:"*noju* laceup socks(gray)
Shoes:fri. - Basic Pumps (Silver)(sale on at fri.day)
Coat &dress:(Milk Motion) My vintage fur coat (out friday)

P.s Marie has also been working on skins for the sim as well as boots. \0/
Also for all of you that knew Dahlia would know that The Bonnie and Clyde Office was here, the guys have turned it into a nice chill space in that build with a park <3

Love Always Vanity