Ignacia Fire

  This post was inspired by Anemysk Karu part of the glow studio team has just released four amazing lash sets that all based on the four elements air, water, earth, and fire.
I used the lashes from my favorite set Fire, the lashes in each set are just breath taking like tiny little art canvases for your eyes< i may have to do a blog post to show all the elements :P

Skin:(bodyline)Sara (from the good shit hunt)by Nedeko Kohime <3 this skin so much so happy there was an addition make up in the hunt
Hair:W&Y Hair New20 type A by yukitan Farrjones
Eyes:Poetic Eyes-evening sky - small by Lano Ling
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Fire by Anemysk Karu
Sweater:Gigi Couture Orange Velvet Sweater Modified shorter by Giana Paine
Skirt:*COCO*_Bubble Skirt(Leopard)by cocoro Lemon
Bra top:[dekade.] *Micro* Bikini top black (freebie)by Kira Ahn
Necklace:Earthtones-Ganesha Necklace Gold Long (chest)by Lucas Lameth
Earrings:[Mandala]Takayana gold by kikunosuke Eel
Bangles: Earthtones Leopard Bangles by Lucas Lameth
Bracelet:[Mandala]Lotus chain Bracelet by kikunosuke Eel 
Anklet: {Zaara}Nizam Payal (anklet) by Zaara Kohime
headband:Extremely modded necklace from Mandala wore on the head don't try this at home I was super bored and was linking and un linking for ages. Hannya Necklace by kikunosuke Eel 
just some of my favorite lashes from the fire set

                             background and props all sl.


Oh great, we break down in the Middle of nowhere...

there's nobody in sight...

We Search for a way out of here....

Socks:Mocha Loose Socks-flexagons Villota
Tattoo:Devol:Hail the jewel in the Lotus Tattoo-Kaori Masala
Boots:[0N] Wo Boots -Mai Runo
Body:[LeLutka]- part of Armenia dress dark khaki Azufr3 Catteneo
Bag [LeLutka]-Cafetero Bag/brown -Azufr3 Catteneo(new)
Hair:[LeLutka]-Pony dark Modded Thora Charron
Belt:[LeLutka]-ITAGUI Belt/Dark Khaki -Azufr3 Catteneo
Skin[LeLutka]-Lola Dark Minnu Palen
Necklace:Mandala Kagetora necklace-kikunosuke Eel
Shorts:Maitreya Jeans Shorts Charcoal (no prims version)
R.icielli - GABRIELA military jacket /white bottom-Fhara Acacia(new)
[LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown (new)

skin: DEN-DOU Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2 by denchu Dench
eyes: DEN-DOU eyes II -Black- by denchu Dench
hair: booN LUV205 hair brown by boo Nakamura
Jacket: Brown Jacket by Kal Rau(NEW)
Shirt: SHIKI-long sleeve shirt w/vest white & grey by Shinichi Mathy
Pants: [LeLutka]-RENE Pants/Antiquewhite by Azufr3 Catteneo
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Oafs by Kookie Lemon
Sunglasses: [LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown by Azufr3 Catteneo(NEW)
Bracelet: Basilica Cardinale Wood Bead Rosary Necklace by Cardinal Sin

props Kurotsubaki Trunk
Shade Throne st Suitcase (mid) /brand new
Set built by Myself using props from Cloud 9

 Shadow test :P 
To Be Continued...............

Vanity vs Manity

Really wanted to get Manity out the closet, he was feeling rather neglected Like this long over due Love for Emery Post.
Another Love is this Sara Skin By Nedeko Kohime Its her first skin line and i'm praying she continues im in love! Ive never been a fan of teeth skins in fact i really hated them in the past but the the Teeth on this skin is the best Ive seen in sl, looks very natural.
Most of the poses used int his post are by Del May and if you have yet to see and try out her poses I highly recommend you go and try them there the most expressive poses Ive seen in sl really has an amazing eye for poses.

  Shoes:LeLutka-Saffron Pumps Electric Pink
Earrings:aesthetic Pink Disco Earring 
Socks:UnTone Quilt Mokomoko Socks (shops now closed)
Hair:booN XFE275 hair black(new)*love this hair so much*
Eyes Zuri -Walnut Redgrave(new)
Skirt:LeLutka-Medellin skirt black(new)*the textures and shape of this skirt is amazing makes your ass look super*
Skin:(bodyline) Sara (teeth)(new)
Bangles:Schadenfreude Bangle and Jellies
Belt:Emery - Belt Double Rose
Leggings:Emery - Legging Roxe Floral 01
Top:Emery - Top Roxe Owl #02  

Skin: Den-Dou Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2
Eyes:Den Dou eyes II -Black
Shirt: Emery - Sweater One V #Gray
Jeans: Emery - Denim Singer #1
Hair: booN LUV205 hair brown
Shoe: {theosophy} Airth Boot (Coal)
Belts: Emery - Belt Double #Yell
Visor: Emery - Visor #Blue

Hair: Maitreya Sunday - Pitch
Necklace:Shade Throne The perfect Tune Necklace-silver monochrome
Sneaker:Akeyo Akidaz
Bra:Fishy StrawberryLingerie - En Provence - Yellow
Skin:Bardot -Zuri/Mahagony/Eyebrows 02
hair band:duboo.summer headband [A Postcard To Azure](new <3)
Emery - Belt Double #Black (Low)
Emery - Jacket Roxe #Black
Emery - Jean Skinny Passe #Grass Cuff L
Fanny Pack :(Yummy) Extreeeme!!!- HOT Hot Pink

Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2
Eyes: DEN-DOU eyes II -Black-
Hair: booN LUV205 hair brown
Sweater: Emery - Cardigan Long #07
Shirt: * Aitui - Flock Tank Top /White/
Jeans: Emery - Denim Orchid Club Men
Shoes: 2Real-PURE 1.1
Necklace: [mpb] Spin That Record, Babe - Jazz

Earrings:aesthetic Pink Disco
lashes:Eyelashes -28- Cleopatra Redgrave
Hair:[KA] HAIR Attachment 05/BARDOT-Zuri/dark
Skins:Zuri/Ebony/Eyebrows 02/Hair/No Make up
Jacket:[LeLutka]- Antioquia Jacket/black(new)
Bangles:Jasha:Tahta Bracelet II (Black)
Necklace:LaGyo_Knots long necklace black
Socks:Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Black Sock
Belt:R.icielli - Veronica belt / black
Bangle:Zaara: Prata silver cuff *onyx*
Emery - Bra Full Busted #Fucsia Upper Under

skin:DEN-DOU Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2
eyes: DEN-DOU eyes II -Black
hair: booN LUV205 hair brown by boo
shirt: PARANOID T2 by petermoss Luik
jeans: Emery - Denim Orchid Club Men
shoes: COURU_white_blue_brown by Pique Flan
Bag: Gritty Kitty: Markup & Style Bag by Noam Sprocket

Hope You Guys have a super week Love