Maries Crows Nest

As Halloween and dark nights draws near, so does the next designers United Event and appropriately the Theme is crows.
Marie has been a very very very busy bee the last couple of weeks and created 10 items for the event which will be held at Cupcake sim between 25th October - 3rd November
Glad to have you all on the sim, and cant wait to see what you all have in store for us.
The Designers are what makes this event work and,  you all come out with the most amazing and creative limited items.

The items Maries created are all perfect for mix matching shes reinvented the loose t shirt into a dark grey with feather shoulders the cape is just amazing comes with both bow option and with out and versions.
love love love the cardigan which will come in two colors for the event blue and grey with a knitted texture perfect for fall.
The necklace shown actually comes with two parts im just showing one part of it in the pic.

Look one:
cape:(Milk Motion) my crow cape with bow(coming soon)
Tank:(Milk Motion) My crow tank(coming soon)
Hair:fri. - Deena - Emo Black worn with (Milk Motion) my tree of crows (coming soon)
Skin:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)
pants:Whippet & Buck Boyd Dress Trousers

Look two:
(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) My pearl&feather necklace(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) my crow loose tshirt(coming soon)
(Milk Motion) My headband(coming soon)
Milk Motion) my leather boots
*Fishy Strawberry* Corduroy leggings Black
fri. - Cassie - Cynical Black

Look Three
(Milk Motion) my crow cardigan grey(coming soon)
Tank:emery grey tank
Hair:truth Freda black
pants:Whippet & Buck Boyd Dress Trousers
Skin:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - crow(coming soon)

Skin fair is over and raised $2873.88 USD.  \0/
now and this part of the post is long over due Marie created one of the cutest unique skins at the fair this year named Collette

which comes with an optional teeth version shown

just showing you some of the make up options available,from cute Disco to kawwii sweet to Emo and Tired.

If you love Maries skins at the fair and you are a fan of collette you will be pleased to know shes adding 4 more winter season make up options ive picked 3 of them to show you

1st:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - flu as you can see she has a pinkish red nose looking rather ill and tired as you would if you have a cold or flu, such a cute idea.
2nd:is the limited skin made for the crow event
3rd:(Milk Motion) Colette skin - soooo sad you an see the tears under the eyes again the pinky nose,
the other not shown is called shy just blushing goodness.

sorry for the pic spam tonight I got carried away

<3 vanity


Steve said...

You look so cute in Maries skin,

Awww great post I love the cute little teeth
maries got sooo good miss you guys

Anonymous said...

lovely post!
i usually hate birds,
but all those clothes
look so beautiful!
i cannot wait :)

Anonymous said...

Does your shape look bad in any skins!
can't wait to the cardigans look yummy and the loose t shirt darker tone I hope she makes more of those after the event love them.

Sysy said...

Great post as always vanity, the necklace looks scrummy.
This skin makes you look very cute and youthfull.

angelllina said...

1. i love feathers
2. i love capes
3. i will get BROKE on this event!!!
<3<3<3 hugggs uuuu

Eve Kazan said...

I love <3333

Anonymous said...


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