Doll Parts

I am doll parts, Doll mouth, doll legs I am doll arms, big veins, dog bait I want to be the girl with the most cake I love him so much he just turns to hate I fake it so real I am beyond fake And someday you will ache like I ache Some day you will ache like I ache Hair: BP* Big Bomb Skin: Nomine Dogwitch Dress: Pididdle Tie The Rope Shoes: Bare Rose Alchemy Lyrics: Hole 'Doll Parts'

You give me butterflies

You give me butterflies by you.
You give me butterflyz Got me flying so high in the sky I can't control the butterflyz NINIKO MIX Kae Sahara released some new goodies in NiNiko this week, The Chiffon Cutsew top being one of them. The top is so girly and ever so cute it inspired me to do the above pic Taken in my sl Garden, Its 2am right but had so much fun playing with these pieces i had to show so i will keep this short:P. <span class= BODY: Skin: BP* AUG skin 3/black eye line Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers Eyes:pc eyes by LL Hair:W&Y yuki HAIR 41C/BP* summer chignon/W&Y yuki HAIR 41C CLOTHING:(Left to Right) Top:Used flower cardigan_brown/-tb- Plain & Tidy Cami Skirt:"NINIKO"Simple skirt Shoes:WedgeSole gladiator TC ACCESSORIES: Necklace:-*Kookie* Creme bird necklace/~LustY~ Ice Cubes Bracelet look Two Top:"NINIKO" Chiffon Cutsew-Upper Shoes:Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump Pants:(Milk Motion) my short jeans black(These are out tonight at long last with many color options) ACCESSORIES: Socks:-Maitreya Prim Socks Black CLOTHING:Look three Top: "NINIKO" Chiffon Cutsew-Upper Shoes:.:Periquita "Wrap me up Dolly" shoes Soft Pink Pants:"NINIKO"Simple skirt ACCESSORIES: Socks:-Total Betty *Poodles* white sockie ::69:: RiBoN (not for sale) but <3 thank you so much for the gift Glasses: by NaNa Beatty part of junk food set ( where is Nana Beatty by the way i miss her :( ) Band aid and Graze by Sentou Yousei cant find the shop in search anymore. so :P by you. so :P

Where is my Mind....

Oh haiiiiii Saturdays new Hairs. I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m so tired and already. The adorable Mirai Shan of MIRAI STYLE HairSalon has just released 9 new hair styles I was very lucky to find a huge gifty from Mirai this Morning. Will only be showing you three of them but all the releases are cute, your going have to go and see for yourself :P
Where is my Mind.... by you. .+*Chib*+.Darkbrown Where is my Mind.... by you. .+*Stat*+.Black Where is my Mind.... by you. .+*Dome*+.Black BODY: Skin: [LeLutka]Johannesburg Umber Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes/glow lashes group gift Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers & (Next Step Tatoo) Be A Star by buffy Forwzy(currently retired item) Eyes:pc eyes by LL CLOTHING: Top:Love Lace <3 ivory from <3 love love lace corset set Jeans:Grace Antique Jeans Armidi ACCESSORIES: Necklace:-EARTHTONES- Carollin, Necklace Gold/Black p.s Ty Uma from dragging me out of my hermit state to your set, Just wanna say Well done to Team Indie this years events have been amazing and if I'm stills sober and up i will be in the auction house lol <333

Im cuckoo over My Admiral

My Admiral Jacket by you.
aRHHhhh sl has been a b*&^h to me the last few days while trying to snap shots for this posting they have all been coming out black or Blue >.<. BUT I GET OVER THAT! waves fist at sl Only because this jacket makes me so happy. Marie is just amazing the clothes shes creating makes me a happy bunneh alot of the items ive seen from start to scratch with late drunken chats smokes till early hours to the morning while she beta tests, as shes one of those people who gets an idea in her head and has to make it now an then or she never will. The Jacket is my new love in sl :P and I'd Have to say that so far this is my favorite release from Milkmotion so far I love the look and the texture of the jacket *still drooling* milk motion by you. BODY: Hair: Hair - Opium [hairwraps]/SLink Lorelei Hairstyle Skin: GP: Acorn FREX April Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes/[LeLutka]-DIVA lashes Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers CLOTHING: Top:Emery - White Tank/&Bean - In a manner of speaking Black/Sh*t Happens - Off-White LOVE Pants:(Milk Motion) my short jeans/::SUGARCUBE - frothy tiered skirt/*COCO*_VintageSalopette Shoes:TESLA - Harvey boots/AKEYO sneaker AKIDAZ/[Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel ACCESSORIES: Belt: NAU Combat Belt Necklace: Dog Tags Chain [Opium #10708] Socks:~*RunoRuno*~ Knit Stockings Black Hat:kari sail away bitch(freebie with sail away Bitch shoes) backside :P by you. Must add also that coco Vintage Salopette jeans are amazing coco is another one of those shops that continue to impress me <3333
ps..... Sorry for any drunkeness 2night :P

The Last Domino

The Last Domino by you.
Now I'm one with the living
And I'm feeling just fine
I know what I must do
Play the game of happiness
And never let on
That it only lives in a song

There's nothing you can do
When you're next in line
You've got to go domino

dominos by you.

Do you know what you have done
Do you know what you've begun

In silence and darkness
Hold each other near tonight
For will it last forever

There's nothing you can do
When you're next in line
You've got to go domino
Play Dominoes Pic by you.

This amazing dress i fell in love with  is made by Elsa Liebknecht who owns Rotten Toe 
(Slayton Shores, Rotten Toe, Slayton (22, 128, 24)

Dress is pure Stage Drama and I could not wait try it on and it didn't disappoint the dress is quality as is many items in her store comes with two different style hats and skirts as well as a choker not shown.
Hair:Maitreya Sannah - Pitch/*Muism* Mary /Black/(VW) Pushed and Shoved
Skin: &Bean - The Pale Anger
Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers

Domino Dress Bundle: Rotten Toe
Shoes:Maitreya Slinky Stiletto

Monocle:(VW) Classy Monocle 
Gloves:*Sheer* Gloves: Nylon Black

Spring Treasure chest

3am UK time last night p.c launched there new spring collection *gasps* However I refused to log into game because I know id be playing dress vanity up till the morning. The feeds are full of blooming spring goodness from p.c and I cant blame everyone for blogging p.c is so fun to dress up in the creations are so unique and wonderful. Spring Treasure chest by you. I will say its been ages ive enjoyed spending my lindens. looking for my pennys by you. However I ended up counting the penny s to try get the bus back home :( ty helia for the pose perfect for this shot. Heres a couple of looks using key items from the P.C Spring collection<333 Spring Treasure chest by you. Look One BODY: Hair:Maitreya Piper - Caramel Skin: &Bean - The Pale Anger Placid Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes CLOTHING: Top:p.c; Carnation Jacket (Jacket Layer) Shoes:ETD Hampton Wedge (Light Gold) cami:Love Lace <3 Chemise Pants:[LeLutka]-SATIN pants_waist-Champagne ACCESSORIES: Necklace:[ICoN]Heat necklace gold Hat: Sophisticated hat kyoot army Look Two BODY: Hair:*W&Y HAIR 86 *TYPE*B Skin: &Bean - The Pale Anger Placid Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes CLOTHING: Top: p.c; Petal Puff Belt and Skirt p.c; Petal Puff Gown Top p.c; Petal Puff Vest Jeans:Armidi - Grace Jeans Antique Shoes:(Milk Motion) My Pocahontas sandals ACCESSORIES: Bag::::Last ride::: Bird bag [Brown]

My vintage

I was not Planning again tonight but when Marie sent me the final version of the fringe dress i could not help myself so here i am again But keeping it short. I love everything about this dress With, it has to be the best of the bunch from the new releases so far, I wanted to show one dress as without appearing too overdone, by letting the dress do the talking and keeping my accessories to a minimum. my vintage dress by you. BODY: Hair: [kik] hair--Mai(blackBrown) Skin: (fd) Tree Breath - Nude(i love this skin to death>.>) Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes Tattoo:AITUI TATTOO- Japanese Sleeves CLOTHING: Dress:(Milk Motion) My vintage fringe dress horses1 Shoes:(Milk Motion) My Pocahontas sandals in Black (coming soon as well as other colors) ACCESSORIES: Necklace:(VW) Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace(freebie) The second look i just wanted to show how cute the top goes with simple jeans my vintage by you. BODY: Hair: George St. - Dance-a-Thon 2005 (Natural Black) Skin: &Bean - The Pale Anger Placid Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes CLOTHING: Top:Part of (Milk Motion) My vintage fringe dress wolves Jeans:(Milk Motion) my boyfriend jeans black Shoes:HOC - Sneaker Wedges ACCESSORIES: Necklace:TS*Lollypopnecklace/grey Belt:Black strung leather belt (shiny things) oh MARIE lol by you. out Today at Milkmotion <3 van

My Pocahontas

My Pocahontas by you. ....she dreamt of blue skies, the soft breeze and sunshine .....she forgot who she was and where she came from.. My Pocahontas by you. Marie is on a mojor roll right now so much stuff coming out and due to come out but these sandals when dropped on me made my jaws drop is there anything she cant do. The sandals will be out today make sure you tp over to Milkmotion @ the cupcake sim. not a long post but one that i needed to do <3 BODY: Hair: Glitter hair +*gl*+M+black Skin: Maitreya Apple - Caramel Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes CLOTHING: Vest:**Rhapsodie**Bohemian Vest Tank Top:**THE CLOSET** Simple Tank Top Brown Pants:(:Tangy denim brown short Shoes:My pocahontas sandals(Milk Motion) ACCESSORIES: Necklace:[ICoN]Heart necklace gold(chest) Ring:!SyDS! Chocolate Flower Ring Hair Flower:old group gift from Kurotsubaki milkmotion advert by you. <3van>