Meet me Thursday at the railroad crossing.....

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Standing By the railroad crossing
Watching The trains go by wondering hoping If he will come back home.

             The Wait.....
How do you think the story ends?

describing it as fairy tale ending would not come close to meeting the one.


Skin: LeLutka - ISHMAEL_Tan_Hair_Face09
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES - MIRRORS - envy
Hair: LeLutka - ISHMAEL hair - Burnt
Hat: Kari - Rude boy hat
Jacket: ARAI - Leather Jacket 02_camel
Shirt: ARAI - Long T Pocket_white
Pants: Milk Motion - My wool pants *beige*
Shoes: Stash - Undefeatable Leather Shoe
Necklace: null - painted_necklace
Bag: Milk Motion - My tote bag *boucherie*

Eyes:Exodi:Zbilja Eyes (Brown)
Skin &Bean - Hounds of love tan 6(not out yet watch this space)
Bag:BP* gamaguchi bag Group Gift
hair:(fd) Mary's Magic - Tree
Under Top:Luster - Giada - Trench Coat Khaki
Shoes-LMK- Zipped Suede Low boot
Skirt:Sugarcube - frothy tiered skirt( khaki )
Lahes:LeLutka-Photoshoot II Lashes
Bangle:fri. - Loop Bangles (Chocolate)
Top:K&CO - The Cats Meow - Cheeta 2
Leggings:Mariya Stirrup Tights - Brown

(This is not a true story both characters are actors :P haha)
Thank you Tact For posing with me was great fun and thank you for inviting me to pose with you last week.

Love Vanity


Watch the weather change

seasons 2
Mention this to me.
Mention something, mention anything.
Mention this to me.

Skin: DT Maan Stripe
Hair: Magika Connect Brown/Black
Top: Sugarcube Sugar.puff sleeve tunic
Pants: DT Moto Jeans
Boots: Kookie Armarda
Twig: [KUE] Acorn Twig

A little bit of skin

Iki just released two more beautiful skins Amber And Maan, Amber is a beautifull beautiful Black skin, Iki knows how much I love black  or darker tanned skins so when I saw this skin in the making I was so excited and it really meet all expectations.
Thank you Anemysk for posing with me <3
Amber comes with 9 different makeups, each makeup has several options for eyebrows, cleavage and hair base, as well as two cleavage options.

Maan is another exotic Tone and face released from Dutch Touch, Maan comes in one skin tone and comes with a fat pack of 9 skins and there are 4 duo packs of 8 more make ups which gives Maan a total of 17 makeup options!!!!

 showing some of my favorite make options

Ditch Touch main store taxi

Love Vanity



These Skins are not new but certainly new to me, I was tping to [KA]to see the new Sim also to look at the new underwear range When I thought id go have a little peek at the skins and spotted an ebony skin called Zuri. I picked up the demo and tped out!!!! and quickly hurried back a few moments to pick me up some skins. Zuri is absolutely stunning Kira Ahn has done a stunning job on these Ebony skins, again they was released last month but I really could not help myself from blogging these.
its not always about the latest releases.
The skin comes in three ebony Skintones and each tone has 10 make up options.
                Zuri Ebony                                                 Zuri Mahogany                                       Zuri Darktan

There is Two brow options in each pack as well as two tones black and brown I personally prefer the Thicker brows
All skins have hair base options and you also get four different hair attachments in brown and black(ones not shown)

Below is more Pictures yes more sorry for the picture spam today, showing a few of my favorite make ups in the Mahogany tone.(untouched)

Love Vanity