Beauty is only skin deep but boy do these new Dutch skins Help!
I wasn't Planning on Blogging Tonight due to a large amount of Tia Maria and coke so please excuse this messy but yummy post XD
Iki and her umpa Lumpas have been working really hard the last couple of months releasing skin after skin Each line getting better and better I was in love with River but Jolie is just Breath taking, Pouty lips cute nose perfect eye brows and the choice of make up pallet is amazing.16 MakeUps & Prim EyeLashes included in the packs
with each skin you get
• 2 x Cleavages
• With and without Freckles/Moles for all skintones.
• Black and Brown Eyebrows
• Extra Blond Eyebrows for the skintones Olive, Caramel and Cream.
skin tones include Coffee, Olive, Caramel,Cream and CafeNoir which is a new Darker tanned skin which Iki got me all excited about.

the cafe noir skintone is so pretty and has a really exotic element to it.

just showing a selection of the Carmel make ups


and Olive

Well done iki on another great release

the Undies worn are by 5th & Oxford, The Little Miss Lingerie comes with bra, knickers, knickers with suspenders and stockings.

Love vanity
Jolie skins out NOW taxi

p.s yes I am drunk hence why not everything is credited I will update the names of anything you guys want in the Morning don't keeeell meh!

oh and pps thank you Trace for invviting me to do a joint posting with you today
please look at traces post here
quote from post

"I should mention that she put a penis man at the foot of my bed as revenge. See, she can be evil too. Erm, onto the outfit!"


Trace said...



Vanity said...


pfft right back at you!

Nina said...

awww ur a drunk, i am drunk and i love you
im in love w/cream tone and this cafe noir is amazing on you

i love u love u love u, my lil drunk <333

Nikita said...

Oh no I missed drunk Vanity I love that girl lol.

The skins look amazing on you can't wait to log in.

Tomoyo Breitman said...

i love you love you love you drunk vani that scares and amuse me<3
Go to bed pretty one... muah

Anonymous said...

lol. love that you were drunk during this. the skins are gorgeous on you <333

Anonymous said...

Oh van you look adorable in every skin,
I love the three edited poster style pictures and your un edited close ups are :o
when your sober lol credit the first hair I'm sure it's zero style tho.

Lena xxx

Sang Blackthorne said...

i love this skin i had to buy fat pack after your
post :O
i love the pictures to


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