Lelutka Jade


<3 Lelutka Ebony Skins that were just released yesterday called JADE. They are absolutely delicious.
I cannot stress what an outstanding job Minnu Palen has done with these skins.
Close Friends and people that see me in sl will more then likely always find me in dark tanned or Black skins, But not recently as alot of mine are rather old and dated now,
So When Aradia mentioned there will be an Ebony line following Eclat I (squealed rather loud in fact sounded a lil bit like this lol) and can you blame me, The face is so hauntingly stunning and exotic, just so so so beautiful.
I love the slight rosy blush on the cheeks and the poutiness of the lips.   Totally gorgeous and well worth the money!

The Skins come in two Ebony shades Dark and Umber
some of the make ups in the Umber tone which I think I prefer to the dark tone. shown above again these pictures have not been touched up.
Aside from the face, the shading on the body is perfection. Each makeup comes with two brow shape options and also options for pubes lashes included and with or without hair base.
Each skin tone comes with 6 makeup options

The Eye Brows are Fierce and sexy slightly different from Eclats
Aside from the face, the shading on the body is perfection.
the ass is just well look your self here is just so juicy and yum!

Grace Jones anyone?
Here the body is shown in both the dark and umber tone wearing cleavage option b (yes you get cleavage option packs as well with these skins) 
What I also Love is that it carry's the same softer tummy as the Eclat skins

this post went from a style posting to a skin review I could not help myself
this skin is really breath taking

So ill post the style pictures at a later date

another love is that the skins come with the same hair attachments as Eclat but also including this amazing up pony tail.

 The whole collection is really some kind of revolution to alot of Ebony skins ive seen, that fit my shape so well.

The stole in the pics is a sneak peek at Babyhoney Baileys piece towards the new Designers united and its just amazing,wont reveal the theme yet but its going to be amazing find the Djinn & Tonic soon at Cupcakes sim where the event will be held.p.s happy birthday Babyhoney.
more pictures to come showing the full outfit soon.

Love Vanity


Azure said...

Amazing photos <33
This skin is so amazing Black beauty xxxxxxxx
so stylish

Ruriko said...

as said….so in love with the first pic in Flickr!!! AWESOME Vanity!!! <3<3<3

Chance Greatrex said...

sexiest skin review to date...HAWT MAMA!

Vanity said...

awww Ty so much Azure <333333

Ruruko you dont know how long i waited for these skins to come out felt like months there just amazing and i feel great in them.

Chance muah <3333333333333333333333333 all for you HOT DADDY!

Anonymous said...

Has a crush on your avater

Darks Arada said...

I was just flicking back the feed and saw this post, and was thinking Grace jones the skin is Fierce and have to agree with chance sexy post and the pig you tube clip trying to picture you squeeling like a pig ahaha.

Cuithilien said...

Lovely work indeed. I look forward to learning about these feathery shoulder bits she's wearing.

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