Meet RiVeR

I have a new skin crush.
Let me introduce you to that New release By Dutch Touch,called River ,
The face on River just So Beautiful  more softer with an slight Ethnic feel compared to the previously released skins by iki.
River Comes in in 4 Skin tones Cream, Caramel, Olive & Coffee.
Each River Folders includes 2 Eyebrow options and 2 Cleavages, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers, And with 11 make up options.
Skins come in bunch options includes enhances, but really there is a lot of them! Light and Dark brows and different make-up options gives you 4 options per one skin.

I really nearly did photograph almost all of them but I chose 4 make up is crazy beautiful, Iki really has a way with eyeshadow and liner options.
just going to show you four options River in the Coffee and Olive Tones.


The makeups are delish
and out now.

Wait that's not all
Iki is also releasing  I believe tomorrow River II she has a slight more poutyer lip,

eye brow river by you.
 The Brows on river II have 3 options, Black brown and Blonde,with and without freckles,
 bust by you.

Iki has also included two Cleavage options
The Body is thing which I really love on those skins, The body has very good detailing. Collar bone, back, knees, breasts the virjay XD – everything is well done and very realistic. and the Belly button is a Big YES.

All Hair by Maitreya, hair things by fd you can find these at lambs.
Eyes by p.c Hot Mocha
Lashes Arsonova
Undies by Dutch Touch

Well Done iki
Take here to Dutch Touch
Love Vanity Esparza


Vanessa said...

Iki is busting out amazing skins :0
like wow I'm loving this skin on you vani I'm at work but will have to tp and see when I log in.

GG Sideshow said...

i seriously cannot waittttt till i get some Ls to buy these babies *_*
till then i'm going to unshamefully wear the demo out xD

ps. it was as if these skins were made for you, you look stunning as always vani! ♥

Lydia said...

I Agree with G G it's amazing how well your shape wears skins, you always look so good in every skin.

I went to Dutch yesterday River is beautifull.
But I have to wait till River ii for the blonde brows love this review well done.

Miaof said...

Stunning Skin Review I agree the navel is very well done, and I love your face in this skin, \o/

ttyl love Mia

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where did you get this amazing eyes? p.c = paper couture?
Thank you

Isabella Bergan

Jordan said...

Wow Dutch Touch looks amazing on you :o
I have a really old skin by iki god she's come a long way.

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