Japanese couture

Japanese couture by you.Japanese couture by you.

This look is Full of Eastern promise; it's no Shanghai surprise (sorry!)

Yesterday I had someone of an odd dream won’t go into it too much but I was a geisha yes I have the most random fun dreams!

This is a look ive worn for a lil while and one that I love,

The Top is from B@r we all know June is famous for her kimonos and stunning Asian inspired clothing the Nadeshiko outfit also comes with a really cute bag which is not shown..

I teamed the top with the Maitreya Skirt for a modern day geisha look.

I’m one for recycling old hairs and skins and the hair from nd is one of them that still with a lot of outfits looks really cute the lil clips on either side of the hair is so cute,

The skins are also an old favourite of mine by mai skins formally known as M&M skins in caribe.

The lips on this skin are the most pouty lips ive seen in sl the type of pout that you’d use on sume one to get your way,

BODY: Hair: [ND] Black Pearl - Angel Pink Diamond Clip Skin: ..::M&M::..Honey Purple Night Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes Eyes: Eyes Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE* CLOTHING: Top: ::: B@R ::: Nadeshiko Pink Shirt and sleeves Skirt: Maitreya High Skirt - Choc Shoes: Maitreya Verve Brown I took the pictures for this blog post on the HOSOI Okiya and Ochaya - Geisha training and tea room sim i hve to say this sim is stunning the textures the rice fields are all so beautiful its really stunning gor photos really urge you to have a peep if you have not already been there. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Japan%20Kansai/89/53/21


Free by you.free21 by you.

This outfit reflects how im feeling in life right now and I must say I’m feeling pretty damn happy :D

I love to be in an outfit that makes me smile and feel confident! In both slives,

I've been looking for some Boho design inspiration lately,

And after trying on the vintage cardi from Modd. G the whole look came together,

Also I just have to say the pencil Skirt by Fetch is <3333>

They go with everything dress em up down with a plain tank top perfect<3

BODY: Hair: Maitreya Apple - Caramel Skin: :GP: Acorn FREX Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes CLOTHING: Skirt: Fetch Alternative- Brown Pencil Skirt Cardi: *Modd.G Vintage Grunge Cardi Socks: **en Svale.** Free Knee Socks(Pink) Shoes: .:Periquita - Mary Squares Shoes Brown Undershirt:Love Lace <3>

ACCESSORIES: Earrings: P.C-Pearl Earring Necklace: EARTHTONES- Carollin, Necklace Gold/Black

Bangle: ChaosLotus -Starlusty Vday Hunt Bangle <3 steve

Nights in Champagne Satin........

Look of the Day BODY: Hair: [ Z ] Paris - GoldBlack Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup5b Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes Eyes: Eyes Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE* CLOTHING: Top: LeeZu Valerie Blouse RUST Undershirt: Love Lace <3 Chemise(part of Josephine set) Pants: [LeLutka]-SATIN Champagne Shoes: [LeLutka]-SHANON dirt ACCESSORIES: Earrings: (creamshop) Glam earring (wood) cuff: [LeLutka] MICHELLE CUFFS - PEACH Necklace:m.fox hooked necklace- noir stone(tinted not for sale) paper cranes:elate

yummy new Nylon Outfitters goodies

Due to some great News Rl that ive waited all year to get \0/\0/\0/ Ive been shopping high and low in London and on the net for some outfits for a long drunken celebration weekend. Its not been easy I can I tell you shopping is so much more easier in sl and today I got the ideal most perfect sl dresses that needs to be made rl>.< in time for this weekend hehe. Nylon Pinkney just made some new cute Sequin scale dresses all named air water and earth elements. I’ve always loved Nylons hand drawn textures and skin. If like me you love nylons work you won’t be disappointed there’s also some new tanks and a cute denim skirt all by the door way as you walk into the store Fingers cross i can find an outfit when i go into the city tommorro. Body Parts: Hair:SLink Lorelei brown/PUDGE: Bowie's in Space Brown/Truth ivy brown Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionTan look 1.Water Dress:(NO) Sequin Scales Water Top:Maitreya Echa III – Brown Socks:Maitreya Prim Socks Cornflower Blue Shoes:Lelutka Shannon dirt necklace:EARTHTONES- Heartwood Necklace Silver look 2.Air Dress:Sequin Scales - Air Jacket:[VG] 'Metallic Bomber' in Gold- (vg is currently closed) Socks:YIPs waldemar twin socks Shoes:Maitreya Frenzy - Bronze necklace:-EARTHTONES- Ganesha Necklace Gold Long Glasses:(Yummy) Mom Glasses - Classic Tortoise look 2.Earth Dress:Sequin Scales - earth Jacket!_Ce Cubic effect Short leather jackets(Brown) Socks:Maitreya Prim Sock Brown Shoes:Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Leather Brown necklace:-EARTHTONES- Ganesha Necklace Gold Long Glasses:(Yummy) Mom Glasses - Classic Tortoise poses: snookys poses p.s Thank you to everyone that has helped me threw this year you know who you are<33333


Mirai Shan of MIRAI STYLE HairSalon dropped me some of the cutest hairs the other day. All the Extras that come withthe hair show i.e hats are all scripted and have many cute textures. These will be outday around 8pm slt if your part of the group be sure to check group for updates Skin:..::MAI::.. Mia Sunrise Skin Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes Eyes:Eyes Sakura -Brown-Redgrave CLOTHING: Top:Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Dark Gray Hairs Left to right Top row .+*Agui*+.Beigebrown .+*Juju*+.Black .+*Rors*+.Lightbrown Bottom Row .+*Ogal*+.Darkbrown .+*Fbiy*+.Black .+*Luga*+.Black ps i think the guy has my eyes lol male skin free gift from lelutka slurl.com/secondlife/Takaraduka/149/216/32

London Revolution

Pictures speak for themselves Always said London was the best city <3 Lelutka London Revolution out now. you still here? go already Credits Eyes:Sakura brown eyes Redgrave Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes Earrings:[Lelutka]-NATURAL STONE EARRING- TAFFY- by Miabella Hair:[Lelutka] Hair-Grace - LBrown. All skins new London Revolution

LeLutka Spring Collection

I was blessed to attend LeLutka Spring Collection showing this afternoon, And I think I wanted to scream every time a model walked out the collection is truly Simply amazing palette of neutral tones and pastel shades for a natures inspired line. I for one am not one to dress in formal clothes but Valena I have not taken off the Valentina dress cant wait to see more from you. Everything from head to toe with the collection is timeless from the hair to the brand New shoes By Thora. I congratulate The Lelutka team and thank you so much for the invite and Gifts. And Miabella for making sure I never need to buy prim jewellery ever again lol. Above is some of my fave pieces in the the collection. Look 1. Dress: Valentina Black Skin: London Revolution Light Hair: MMS Hair-Grace Brown Eyes: MMS-city-MIDNIGHT Earrings: [Lelutka] CLAIRE CLUSTER- ROSE DUST- by Miabella Shoes: SHANON Beige Look 2: Pants:-MASHA /wheat Undershirt [LeLutka]-TANK white Necklace: m.fox hooked necklace- noir stone Shoes: [LeLutka]-SHANON Beige Hat:fabricB/nava jowhite Earrings:DROP PENDANT EARRING- MAYAN Skin: MMS-LondonSunKissed Bag: [LeLutka]-SACK bag/white I think my new personal fave bag <333 Look 3: Hair: MMShair-Ava – Pitch Shoes: [LeLutka]-SHANON Diamond White Pants: SATIN pants Ice Bag: GLEN Top Handle Bag-Papayawhip Skin: MMS-JohannesburgDark Earrings: m.fox earring- Mix & Match Onyx Set Look 4: Hair: (VW) London Import - Brown Tones Top:[LeLutka]-LOTTA olivedrab Pants:[LeLutka]-MISCHA jeans/green light_Pants Shoes:[LeLutka]-SHANON Pea Bag:[LeLutka]-GLEN Top Hendle Bag-Papayawhip Skin: MMS-LondonSunTan-makeup1b <3 you jelly ty

Spring's FINALLY here!

Its officially SPRING! well… almost To celebrate the arrival of spring after another cold long bleak winter… I put together an outfit of earthy browns and blossom pinks i would describe this as a spring romance look, I hope you all love this look as much as i do lol. Skin: MMS-LondonSunKissed Eyes: Sakura –Brown Redgrave Hair: [HTD]Camellia Coffee (with band) Studs: P.C; Pearl Earrings Necklace: m.fox hooked necklace- noir stone(not for sale) Belt:Part of Dp YumYums romantic sweater in brown Cardigan: [Detour] Borrowed Cardigan Brown Shirt: LBD Valerie Blouse (champagne) Pants: LBD Nell Pants /mauve Socks: *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko brown Shoes: Kookie Phoebe Brown

Boho Chic

The whole look was inspired by Florence And The Machine and if you have not heard of her you must listen now Florence And The Machine - Dog Days Are Over Dooo etttttttt The song clip reminds me of a huge aftermath at old sessions at hotel dare which reminds me The Hotel Dare is back and it’s Mash up Time. Sponsored by Nur Moo, the Sorin Group™ The New Session opens opens tomorrow 8am slt. Artists include Artoo Magneto, Miabella Foxley, Soror Nishi, Censoredmy Lunt, Marie Lauridsen, Daniel Luchador and of course Gattina Dumpling slurl.com/secondlife/Poetik velvets/214/116/78 Eyes: Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE* Skin: (fd) Dark Skin - Gold Cheek Dust Hair: Maitreya Faye – Chocolate +(fd) Hair Stuff (Tree Underfoot) Top: KUROTSUBAKI short Knit_brown Skirt: **THE CLOSET** Frill Skirt ivy Necklace TS*Sophisticated long necklace & Vintage Heart Necklace (old curio gift) Bag: :::Last ride::: Bird bag [Brown] Socks:Maitreya PrimBistre Shoes:Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Ruff Leather Green Pose::::sunflower poses:::

St Trinian’s

Schools out I had this idea as a look the other day after watching the St Trinians Movie. The basis of the story was a shocking all girls posh boarding school with the exception that its pupils were wicked to the core, bit like me at school lol. p.s I Love Russell Brand hence loving the film god he wears those skinny jeans well LOl, ^^ The Look Shoes: *Kookie* Noir Coco shoe Skin: ..::MAI::.. Mia Sunset Skin Shirt: Lelutka-DIETRICH-shirt/white Pants: **THE CLOSET** BalloonShortPants Suspenders: *Shai* part of Newsboy Suspenders Tie: Sweetest Good-bye part of the school girl outfit Socks:Lelutka: Gray Soccer socks Glasses: Which I love LIS_NOIR vintage eyes black Props: Model Discipline hat by candy mountan Notebooks by cluster great soundtrack song - St Trinian's Movie Theme We are the best, so screw the rest We do as we damn well please Until the end St Trinian’s Defenders of anarchy Victorious, rebellious We do as we damn well please Until the end St Trinian’s Defenders of anarchy ST TRINIAN’S!

Fresh Trash

D!FF, was one of my favourite stores in sl when the news came out last year it was closing *cries*, I remember going down and grabbing what I could before it was gone for good. So Hearing Itny Lisle Is Back and working on her new joint venture with Daniella Tobias And is currently at work on There new Brand Fresh Trash. The jeans in the pics which I love Itny did make a while ago but was never released, the textures are yummy and I love the sock layer, These are now on sale at Floyd with t shirts and yummyness soon to follow. slurl.com/secondlife/Horst/76/95/22 ). Also if you can’t tell already im in love with these twosome Sophisticated long necklaces made by Shelby Wrangler <3 Look 1: Top: *Thimbles* Under the Boardwalk with You pink & pinned Flower Cami by tres blah Pants: FT - Black2 Shoes: Juicy Classic Pump – Bubblegum Hair: Maitrya Sunday pitch Necklace: TS*Sophisticated long necklace/black Skin: ..::MAI::.. Mia Sunset Skin 09 Look 2: Tops: polka dot blouse – pearl & Pinned Flower Cami by tres blah Pants: FT - Grey 2 Shoes:Kookie Phoebe – Grey Hair: Maitreya piper – Pitch Necklace:TS sophisticated long necklace grey Skin: ..::MAI::.. Mia Sunrise Skin Look 3 Tops: tb- Pinned Flower Cami Pants: =FT - White Shoes: Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Ruff Leather Tan Skin: ..::MAI::.. Mia Midnight Skin Belt: Maitreya Coin Belt Beige Hair: !lamb. Lovetones – Snickers Necklace: TS*Sophisticated necklace/white Cant wait to see more from Itny <3 The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die cant get enough of there new stuff.