Golden fall

I love the colors of fall (though I am seriously mourning summer's end.) but hate what follows cold cold winter like we don't get enough rain in London.

bright colors of leaves in fall The leaves turn golden and red colours. So the two looks are ones Ive been wearing and playing around with for a couple of days i wasn't going to blog these but after tping to the new trails sim  I could not help but take a few snaps.

Eyes:pc eyes:hot mocca by Lano Ling
Hair:barberyumyum 18/black:toraji Voom
Skin:Dutch Touch :RiVeR:Olive CatsEyes By Iki Ikarus

Boots:Courtisane:Hors d'haleine shoe bark by Enktan Gully
Bag:Muism Massenger bag Green [female]by Icemocolo Voom
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Brown)by Jolie Monday
Bangle:[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood A By kikunosuke Eel
News paper and grass from (iTuTu) garden tray set /A 03 toraji Voom worn on hand

Leggins:!O: Basics Sheer Leggings [WOOD]by Anya Ohmai
Skirt:SUGARCUBE- frothy tiered skirt( khaki )by Sayuri Cremorne
Shirt/hat/Necklace:pc;Utters outfit by Prue Lu

To view the Picture In large scale to see all the details  click here 

Skin: Dutch TouchRiVeR:: Caramel - CatsEyes by Iki Ikarus
Hair:Maitreya Faye - Coffee by Onyx LeShelle

Shoes:Maitreya Neyya Patent Leather Brown by Onyx LeShelle
Bangle:AC Big Bangle Wood by Aphrodite Outlander/[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood A By kikunosuke Eel
Necklace & Earrings:[MANDALA] Soul Necklace By kikunosuke Eel

Coat:Ce Cubic effect Suede half coat(beige) by mirai Jun (where has Mirai gone!!)
Pants:(Elephant Outfitters) Journey Tweed Slacks - Creme Tea by London Armidi
Top:oyakin antique-tunic(brown) by kinbo Akina




dango Jewell said...

love it!! <333

Vanity said...

Awwww My Diva Dango Chan

<33333 thank you so much muahhhHHHHH

Tesa said...

oh wow the styling on both these looks is Esceptional, well done i have t say i really enjoy your blogs pictures there all so good.

GG Sideshow said...

amazing amazing amazing ♥

ps i really like your new blogger layout ;)

Chance Greatrex said...

wow you rock that skin so hard! love the look and gaze in the last pic!amazing Van! :))

Lauryn Arado said...

my wife looks so pretty I'm proud <3

Tomoyo Breitman said...

<333 fall colours + you are the best ~

Linda Mensing said...

Oh wow what wonderfull style and post


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