Royal Blue

New Royal Blue Collection will be in stores Today! Filled with Sexy body suits to Ghetto necklaces To Elegant long Summer dresses to Sexy slut Heels which Look great on your pixel toes. The new collection will certainly leave you Wanting More Ohhh yeee Loads Royal Blue love!
Some of the new items really gave me a Disco Feeling Which made me use that element in the Picture
Van one
  • (Royal Blue) Meshington Body Suit in Black and Pink
  • (Royal Blue) Sluts in Skyscrapers Noir and Pink
  • (Royal Blue) Upper Class Ghetto Necklace Black(these necklaces Are pure ghetto Love<3>
  • Skin..::MAI::.. Vanity Gothica Vol.5
  • Hair:Maitreya Sunday Pitch
Van two
  • (Royal Blue) Necklace Tank Light Grey
  • (Royal Blue) Serouse Bow Times Trousers in Charcoal
  • (Royal Blue) Sluts in Skyscrapers Noir Right
  • (Royal Blue) Studded Clutch with in Raven( the bags come with a great Ao option as well so you don't need to worry about your ao not working when your strolling)
  • (VW) Hair Bow - Black Tones
  • Hair:*FUEL* Talia/jet black
  • Skin..::MAI::.. Vanity Gothica (Bald) Vol.1
  • .::FabulouS::. Black Sheep Bangle (L)-WhiteGold
Van three
  • Royal Blue) Serouse Bow Times Trousers in Navy
  • (Royal Blue) Necklace Tank Light Regal(these will be great mixing and matching with all sorts of outfits)
  • Skin*League* Skin Medium -Misty- Wrecked
  • Hair(VW) Pushed and Shoved - Black Tones
and in the background the lovely Trace Osterham wearing Uw.St Denis-Hair brown wolf skin is MAI Justin Sunrise Skin Vol1 The Jackets Name Is Corporate Pow Wow and it certainly has the pow elements its strong and bold making any outfit look fierce adding to the look is the Mesh Body Suit Looking at some of my previous postings you'll know that I'm loving these bodysuits and high short outfits so I was ecstatic to see these for the new release.
  • (Royal Blue) Corporate Pow Wow in Ebony
  • (Royal Blue) Meshington Body Suit in Silver
  • (Royal Blue) Sluts in Skyscrapers in noir (these are just as slutty and hot as the name<3)
  • Hair::MIRONE: CERIA black/bangs/ Lelutka wet bangs black
  • (Royal Blue) Half Glove in gold
  • Dresses(Royal Blue) Floaty Summer Dress in Freash BreezeRoyal Blue) Floaty Summer Dress in Dark Summer(Royal Blue) Floaty Summer Dress in Bright Sky
These dresses are Full of floaty loveliness and come in a variety of colors
  • Maitreya Moon - Pitch /AOHARU_HAIR_Lauren/Maitreya Apple
  • Bag :LOTTA_Straw Tote Bag
  • Bangles: Wood bangles Lelutka Miabella

Always On The Run

Out on the streets again I been looking for something to please me since I don't know when Out on the dark side of town Another rumble's gone down And life on the high side isn't what this Girls about
Not a long post but i just had to show you guys the new released dress from I love 13 called NIN dress the dress comes in A white or black option, The dress can be worn in many ways if you look at the Advert you will see all layers mixed and matched. I had my own little play with the outfits hope you enjoy
  • Eyes: bijou: *GIFT* watering eyes [Graphite]
  • Lashes ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
  • Corset:.:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. - Monokrom Corset (No longer available)
  • Shoes:HOC - Strappy Stiletto Shoe (L)
  • Skirt:i love 13: NIN skirt option 2
  • Undershirt:i love 13: NIN Top (light) 1
  • Skin:&Bean - The Pale Anger Manic
  • Hair:Kin-Raine-[black]
  • Eyes: Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE*
  • lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes
  • Skin:(Milk Motion) for Hotel Dare / RC skin Decent
  • Top::SUGARCUBE - string-tank - Shirt ( black )
  • Hair:@waffles! sayuri (dark chocolate)
  • Skirt:i love 13: NIN skirt 1 (dark)
  • Stole:LaGyo puffy stola like black tinted darker
  • shoes:N-core HIGHSCHOOL XtremeHeel
Love 13's main shop love always Vanity x

Summer In Cuba

I’m trying to keep up with the blog Real lifes been hectic for the past few weeks and i'm sitting of tons of posts that I really should have posted already >.< Ive not Paid a visit to the Emvee Cuba Sim for a while, But it was a perfect setting To Take a picture Of a Dress I fell in love with The Sola dress.
Its From the last of the summer releases From Lelutka summer Collection, This Dress By Valena and is her contributions to the collection was out for sale yesterday. I'm also Sporting the New Iki skin Dune The face the and the skin tone to this Skin is simply beautiful and the best skin so far released from Dutch touch in my opinion.
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH :DUNe:Cocoa - Peachy Lips Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes Hair:[LeLutka]JACQUELINE Hair Chocolate Brown Earrings:[glow] ~~DeLyn~~ SHE earring Bangle:-EARTHTONES- Heartwood Bangle Studded Thin Dress:[LeLutka]-SOLA dress So While I was there I thought Id Continue the theme with Some more Pieces From the Collection And I got a tad carried away hehe. What I'm wearing Hair:[LeLutka]-CHRISTEN Hair Coffee Brown Shoes:*Kookie* Powder Puff - Sun Gold These Lil Summer Wedges from Kookie are simple gorgeous loves loves loves<3 Dress:[LeLutka]-LANI dress creme Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup6b Hair:(Dernier Cri) Michelle Shoes:*Kookie* Powder Puff peach (yes i cant get enough of them) Bag::: B@R ::: Bellissima Clutch Wine Dress:[LeLutka]-KAORI dress/tan_chest Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup6b My Last Outfit is a combination Of some other pieces from the collection as well as Showing off this yummy hair made for Lelutka By Aradia jelly :D is called Kianna The hair frames the face beautifully cant wait to see more hair From Aradia. Shorts[LeLutka]-MIA shorts Top: Part of[LeLutka]-OLETHEA dress jacket layer sleeves and shoulder puff Belt:[LeLutka]Fitzgerald Black Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe_R-Black Hair:[LeLutka]-KIANNA Hair Pitch Black Bangle from old Cachet now Lelutka from the gold diggers outfit tinted grey Skin: DUTCH TOUCH :DUNe:Cocoa - Peachy Lips LOVE VANITY X

Black summer

Welcome To The Scene Of The Crash Lelutka Summer 09 Collection
I'm always so excited when Lelutka has a release its never a disappointment Im in love with so many key items The Louise shirt is something I would wear in rl with some skinny jeans and heels its sexy its glam. Let's face it - you can't go wrong with the traditional black outfit, and This Summer collection screams nothing but class from Lelutka As soon as soon as i wore these lovely I was inspired to do a Bond girl Theme Only thing missing is 007 himself and my guns :P
Hotpants:Emery - High Waist Short call on me outfit Skin:..::MAI::..Sonja Midnight Vol.8(Bald) Hair:Maitreya Dylan - Pitch Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe Shirt:[LeLutka]-LOUISE shirt/black
Skin:..::MAI::..Sonja Sunset Vol.5(Bald) Dress:[LeLutka]-ARMADAdress/black_Shirt Shoes:[LeLutka]-TEESE shoes Hair:a.C - STD.GloXhair LULU [Black pearL]
Dress:[LeLutka]-QI dress black Gloves:Mimikri - Cuff Glove L/black Hair:*W&Y HAIR 86 *TYPE*A Lashes:[LeLutka]-MASCARA-lashes Bag:[LeLutka]-Anya bag(Black-Silver) Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup5 Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe
Skin:unnamed not released by Mai Shoes:[LeLutka]-TEESE shoes Hair: [LeLutka] JACQUELINE Swimware:[LeLutka] ~ RAITH ~ swimmini/black comes with a skirt option poses by dare and lotta This blog post is overdue but had a day off today \o/ Thank you Tomo for making me post hehe Love Vanity x

Live and Let Love

Many of you have been waiting patiently so see the the pictures from the second life noH8 campaign. The last two days Trace Osterham has been working his socks off getting the Gallery built pics uploaded and can safely say the time is now here. The second life Gallery will be opening today at 2pmslt ive seen the gallery and i must say A huge well done to Trace. The slurl for the gallery will be given out on the blog right before the opening, so please check the site around 1.50pmslt. where you can view all the photo first hand For all you guys who have not been watching Flicker the last few weeks and have no clue whats been going on heres a lil bit on info The No H8 campaign is a photo project and silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Barshley in direct response to the passage of proposition 8. The photos feature people with duct tape on their mouth and No H8 painted or lipsticked onto one cheek. The photos are being used virally as peoples primary photo on social networking sites. The eventual plan is to compile the photos for billboard campaigns and magazine spreads to raise awareness and money to repeal prop 8.
Nina Becker and Vanity
"On November 4th, 2008 Proposition 8 passed, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. In the wake of the defeat, there has been a groundswell of initiative from within the community at grassroots level. Seizing this opportunity, new political and protest organizations are forming almost daily. The NOH8 Campaign is a photo project & silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. The campaign started with portraits of everyday Californians who support Marriage Equality and soon rose to celebrities, military personnel, brothers & sisters, law enforcement, lesbian mothers, directors, politicians, newlyweds, and more, Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths symbolizing their voices not being heard and NOH8 painted on one cheek in protest. " from the NO H8 campaign website, Hope to see you there <3

In My Room

Theres a world where I can go and tell my secrets to In my room, in my room In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears In my room, in my room
Do my dreaming and my scheming Lie awake and pray Do my crying and my sighing Laugh at yesterday
Now its dark and I'm alone But I wont be afraid In my room
Another quickie post I have had a really big week, which is all good, but also a bit overwhelmingly exhausting. I am on the verge of creating an award for myself, "worst and most inconsistent blogger', as I am so far behind with blogging and commenting and picture-taking and posting... but I know things will be getting done again soon :) This little dress is my perfect summer dress so far this year its cute and girly and floral and just looks dam cute on <3. style="text-align: left;">The Hair is by Truth and is called Elle i have modded the bangs in this image just lifted away from my eyes and pulled a few strands forward but i have to say this hair has not come off my lil pixel head all week I love it the brown texture and the whispyness of the hair just gives any outfit a romantic Feel. Credits Eyes:Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE* Lashes:ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes Skin:JM:Mai skin_devonz sakuran pure(love love love love the skins by JM mai and ive noticed on her flickr stream a more Ethnic version of devonz so I cant wait. Hair:>TRUTH< style="font-weight: bold;">Necklaces:(Yummy) Heart Window Necklace (VW) Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace(was and old gift im not sure if its still avaliable on the new sim) Ring:!SyDS! Chocolate Flower Ring by Serenite Stransky Hair flower: co*mignonnette Hair acc. Apricot V.2 Shoes: TESLA - High Oxfords Shoe in brown Socks:Picnic lace socks I'm so happy the week is almost over. So happy I could dance At the start of the week I was still actually excited about the idea of dressing for summer, as it was forecasted we was in for the hottest day of the year; I guess I forgot how the humidity likes to frizz up my hair and how sticky it can get here in the city London is not made for hot summers >.<. Love Vanity x