Welcome Estelle

Estelle is LeLutka’s newest skin following Eclat,I admit that I have some kind of weakness for LeLutka’s skins, And When I tried on Estelle for the first time I wasn't Disappointed, her face reminds me of a cross between London and eclat, but more youthful and fresh looking with new brows,and different face shadings.

this pic has not been post processed just cropped what I also love about the Estelle is the little cute moles on the face.
Nina was with me whilst trying on the skins so I made her jump on a stand to take some pictures with her showing the skin.

the bodys on Estelle is soft and smooth not to muscular the coller bones are really well done.

BUT.......... as well as the skin you get a new hair Attachment and <3 I love everything about this pony updo style and im hoping to see more funky hair do's coming out from Lelutka, it just works so well with the skins whole look and attitude and blends perfect with the hairbase.
pure love for me.

The make up range in Estelle is a lot more subtle then Jade and Eclats palate, im just going to show some of my fave make up in the Suntan tone Sunkiss tone and light tone.


 just to add that im loving the New tan tone <3

Whichever makeup & tone you choose in this line, it’s sure to be a winner.
Minnu has done a great job with these
Taxi to lelutka

Love vanity


Nina said...

At first i was like: oh no, i can't get used to Estelle cause i love Eclat so much already!
but after some minutes staring to our avies i started changing my mind and today when i connected i couldnt change back to Eclat! LMFAO
i fell in love w/Estelle!

I damn love Minnu's talented brain!

and awesome pictures huni!! <3u!!!

Anonymous said...

Has a major crush on you right now @@


Lollie Capalini said...

ooh this is different for you ..i love it the skin looks so sexy but beautiful at the same time in the pictures.

Ai Baroque said...





Ai Baroque said...

I meant ever again sorry the nakedness got me excited.

<3 you

Chance Greatrex said...

so beautiful! I wanna frame the 3rd picture! :)

Anonymous said...

YaY!! you rock!!

Naraza said...

work that skin! love your pics!

Anonymous said...

Still has a major crush on you
and I'm not even kidding, and you'll never know.

Slarryyyyy meeeeeee

Vanity said...

Nina i know right I was the same, Ty for letting me strip you naked and making u jump on a pose ball with me :P

lol@anonymous @@!!!!!! okey lol

thank you Lollie Ai >.< i will be wearing clothes but naked is much more easy ahahaha

Chance <3 you make me lol ty for your im today.

Ty Gas ahahaha \0/

thank you so much Naraza im glad you liked the post.

Anon are you for real seriously who is this ur pulling my leg now, Tomo is it you lol?

Anonymous said...

I love these skins. I was buying so much gala stuff but the new eyebrows bothered me. I liked the old ones better and was actually about to give up on SL (skins are important to me) until i found these. thanks for the post!

Kiki said...

Great post vani, everytime I see you in a new skin post it makes me want to tp out there and then to try the skin as they always look so great on you. I love the two double pics u did.

Tomoyo Breitman said...

OMG VANI its not me...
*SLAPS.* my love for u can be declared out in the open hahaz>.<

LOVE naked u and nina so much. *peeches ur neeple*

Vanity said...

LOL Tomo no slaps its not you!

FINE lol but i know its one of you lot glares at everyone...

and i love naked Nina to hehe <3 and you xxx

Anonymous said...

Okay, how'd you get the enhanced cleavage? Did you buy it, did it come with the skin?(mind didn't. :( ) or did you photoshop? IM me inword! I wanna know!

-Fallon Claymore

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