Guess whos Back:P

What a slacker, I know. The blog has been a bit silent as of late and my sincere apologies. Some of you know,Ive not been online as much So much Rl recently but hey im back kinda :P

Ive had a Crazy busy day today real life running around like a headless chicken sorting things out but ive been sitting on these pictures for a couple of days and finally been able to sit down long enough to post them, so I have to make the entry short in words but hopefully there wont be a long pause in postings for a while.

So Logging into game to some AMAZINGLY great goodies The new Glance skins named ling have an amazingly cute face, I can easily see all improvements made in newest skin line,The Whole face is very innocent looking with Lovely Pouty lip. I don't Normally spam to much but I was on a Roll and well its been over a couple weeks since ive posted on here and ive missed it <3.

Woah so much for not talking much.

the following face pics have not been touched up just taken in my normal wl just showing a few make up options here.

Ling Red                                                           Ling pink

 Ling Diva                                                                 Ling Smokey

OOOooo and thats not all grins
Thought id add some styling into the mix as well as the feeds are slow due to the holidays and all so ima hog away here.

Style card
Gloves:Twosome Gatcha Gloves grey 20l go go go love them<3
 Bag:Lelutka-Love Junky bag
 Skin:Glance Skins - Ling
 Jacket+KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Sweat Donky Coat *Gray*(i have the male one on as i wanted it bigger and less fitted)
 Hair:.::MADesigns:Akami Blonde
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja Eyes (Grey)


Style card
Leggings:!O: Basics Sheer Leggings Wood
Hair accessory **DP**yumyum Katyusha(group gift 10l in store)
Boots:DP yumyum Shoe  Moccasins boots(brown knit)
 Skin:Glance Skins - Ling
 Coat:LAQ ~ Striped Brown Coat & Orange Long Cardigan
Hair69:Sulton chestnut

Happy Holidays
Love Vanity

p.s this posting is dedicated to all my wonderful friends you know who you are sometimes bad things happens thats just life but its then when you see who your true friends are and i love you guys and so happy some are you are part of my slife as well as rl <3333


Lainee said...

Welcome back I always look forward to your posts and styles, the Glance skins looks great on you i wonder if it would on my shape I hope so i must try it.

and <3

Kitina said...

omg I soo want those eyes!
is that coat and cardigan part of one set?
its so warm.

Anonymous said...

Vani every skin looks so cute on you, I love the lips and the nose looks cute as well, I'm I love with ling red I think best.

Glad your doing well and back.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back mama! <3 Also, you shoul've kept it with the season and choose 'headless turkey' instead of chicken. Lol.
Love that skin on you, first pic you remind me a bit of Naomi. Slightly, maybe just a tiny bit.

You look so cute and warm *jumps in your pocket*..candy?

Ai B said...

Great style vani the grey Jackets coller looks is like alot of coats id wear in rl the short blonde hair and grey eyes look great with ur shape and skin.

see you soon Ai


Anonymous said...

Love your looks so cute, oh and ur lashes are not listed are they by Arsonova as well like ur other lashes?

Evie said...

Oh wow i love this skin, and the grey coat men style very nice i like this to much.

Noir Gothly said...

I love your fashionable mix so much for both looks very nice style


Vanity said...

aww thank you everyone for your comments means alot to me glad you liked the post the skins are very cute indeed <3

@kitana yes there one set and theres more colors there there all very cute.

yes the lashes are from Arsonova there my fave lashes in sl <3


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