Woodcutter's Daughter


Miss Marie Lauridsen has been A busy bee again, she asked me to tp her last night to show me something she was working on and it was love at first sight, This is a fur coat with attached dress has been made for  the opening of the new Triology sim or better known as Trilogy Rainy town.
The Sim will reopen on Friday to public,
with a lot of your favorite stores  Milkmotion, niniko, pda, kusshon, doppelganger, deco, & some new stores and a bunch of one item vendors in the subway.
Also a lot of the items  and a lot of the items will not be available elsewhere.
The First theme for the Sim is The Woodcutters Daughter with the themes changing every three months.

 Good Luck Gattina And Izzy.

ok back to the coat:P

The coat will have Three choices of fur leopard, brown and grey and also Muff and Shoulder fur scarf. 

The coat will come with an option not to have the dress attached but this will come after and be sold at the main store the dress version will only be at Trilogy Sim

The dress underneath is so cute the textures are so delicate and vintage looking, and will also come with a black dress version shown below.

Hair:!lamb. Poppyseed - Granny
Hat:(epoque) Baggy Knit Hat(last 50l friday item)
Skin: Both SkinsDutch Touch JoLie:: Cream - PiP
Tights:Pig - Lace Tights - Dark Grey
Socks:"*noju* laceup socks(gray)
Shoes:fri. - Basic Pumps (Silver)(sale on at fri.day)
Coat &dress:(Milk Motion) My vintage fur coat (out friday)

P.s Marie has also been working on skins for the sim as well as boots. \0/
Also for all of you that knew Dahlia would know that The Bonnie and Clyde Office was here, the guys have turned it into a nice chill space in that build with a park <3

Love Always Vanity


Kiki said...

This has to be by far the cutest little outfit ever, I love everything about it.
What a cute post Vanity.

Also can I just ask where was the pics taken looks so nice and wintery.

Ali said...

Such a beautifull post.
I love the coat and dress in one can't wait for Trilogy to reopen has it been re built or just new shops?

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm in narnia when I see thus pictures I like very much your blog xxxx

Tomoyo Breitman said...

Love the outfit. I like how you use the makeup to pop the outfit whee! *POPS* lolx <3

Ai said...

I love this post wintery icey goodness, the skin I agree looks great bringing out the whole look, and the coat dress itself is so cute I don't think I've seen another coat dress in sl love it.

Vyktor Maertens said...

Vanity, this fur looks so soft and comfy I want to wear it as soon as possible! <3

DaisyLynn Morales said...

but on a more serious note stunning post and pictures x love

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go to the sim tommorrow, Excited the dress coat is just so cute.


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