Attitude Adjustment

Not really felt like blogging in a while, Been bit of a long Rough week but Meet Fabia Bebae's new release by Torie Senne,
Fabia has got pleanty of attitude which inspired me to make the post.

Sooo ima shhhhhh for once and just let the pics do the talking.

Gloves:(DoMoCo) Gloves: Stub Gloves
Hair:!lamb. Poppyseed - Ink
Lashes:Eyelashes -28- Cleopatra *REDGRAVE*
Braclet: Shade Throne The one pound  bracelet set
Belt:Maitreya BF Jeans Belt
Jeans:Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans
Boots:[0N] Wo Boots
Skin:[Bebae] Fabia Coffee: 00
Top:Emery - Mini Top #9
Necklace:Shade Throne Gala Necklace black


Eyes: Sakura Brown Redgrave
Gloves:Emery - Gloves Grey
Ear piercing:Muism Ear piercing Mix
Lashes:Eyelashes -28- Cleopatra Redgrave
Necklace:Shade Throne The Perfect Tune Necklace- silver monochrome
Skin:[Bebae] Fabia > Coffee: 00
Jacket:Aoharu  Short Riders Jacket Black
Shoes:Maitreya Gold - Esprit-Xtd Noir
Jeans:Maitreya Skinny Jeans (no prims version)
Top:Pig - Sheila Bathing Suit - Blacky

Eyes: Sakura Brown RedgraveHair:!lamb. Say - Ink
Boots:(Milk Motion) my leather boots
Skins:[Bebae] Fabia > Cocoa: 08
Emery - Outfit Fall #1 but with Emery - Skirt B-Zip #Gray
Lashes:Eyelashes -28- Cleopatra Redgrave

Love Vanity
 Attitude Adjustment


GG Sideshow/London Halsey said...

ohh Vani you look so amazing, those skins look great on your shape (as always)

LadySmack Gears said...

Woahhhhh these look like they was pulled out of Magasine, great style and attitude.

Lauryn Arado said...

Vanity sooo hot! I want to have your pixel babies! <3

Carolina Sautereau said...

Great post <3

Chance Greatrex said...

hmm...can you get more stunning sexy smokey? I challenge you! ;)

Evelyn Hartshon said...

oh wow you are stunning and the styling is fierce

Chalice Carling said...

Love these looks...your styling is amazing.

Ariadna said...

Vani, may i know the eyes shop pls? Maybe r PC hot mocha, but im not sure, so i decide to ask you..

Wild look :) luv it.


Mathylda said...

I agree it’s as if it were straight out of a magazine the first style and the one with the biker Jacket has got so much attitude :O

Mathylda Valeska

Linka said...

because of u, i bought this skin! /me hates vanity:P

Cool looks;)

Suri said...

you make amazing pictures and styles your avater looks amazing in so many skins from looking back on your blog

Vanity said...

Hey GG Ty so much the comment the skins are fierce. I think Torrie has done a great job with these <3

Lady Smack thank you *blush* xx

ahaha Lauryn we can make all the Pixel babies you want love you Dolly <3

thank you Carolina means alot xx

Chance your always so kind to me and hank you so much for your comments even though im shaking my head at your challenge only if you do it with me.

Evelyn Ty so much <3

aww why thank you Chalice i did actually have 2 more styles to go with this posting but i had to make a cute i didnt want my post to long on the feed lol but i had fun with these looks x

Ari Normally i wear p.c eyes Hot Mocha by lano ling but this post there from redgrave <3
and thank you x

Aww Mathylda <333333 glad you love the look i love that Jacket xxx

ahahaha Linka you dont hate me really :( i just saw your post you infact look amazing in the skin very howt on you.

Ty so much Suri i find my avaters shape is very flexable it does fit most skins <3

Evelyn Hartshon said...


very strong fierce post

Vanity said...

thank you Evelyn,
the skin is fab it kind of reminds me a lil of Nelly Furtado, idk if anyone would think so.

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts!!!!
You vanished >.<

Lainee said...

Wow these pics look
amazing :0

and yes something does say nelly furtado.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am new to your blog and I absolutely love the styles you have. May I ask a really huge favour, I am looking for a shape that fits the Fabia skin, I love it. I have tried to shape that comes with the skin, but as with most of the skins they never look the same as the pictures, so I always modify my shape however I cannot get this right for Fabia. I only want a good face that only needs a little adjustment from time to time, if there is such a shape. I would really appreciate it if I could get some help. Thank you MERCEDES Fellini

Anonymous said...


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