Late for My train

so so many new releases this week with theYummy new emery collection to Dutch touchs new skins and the forever new hairs Truth is sprouting and also seeing new and exciting things coming from Kookie the ono hair is just wow looking forward to more pieces from Miss  Kookie Lemon,
I really did want to blog and take pictures of Everything as its all so great,
but there was so many new pieces to fit into one post so I thought i'd spread my postings out over the next couple of days showing all the yummys mix with some of the good old favs.

 I did my rounds Today of the 50l Fridays. this is one of the best new events to come out in a while and one that I really look forward to each week,there is always amazing people participating each week.
well done guys,

(Milk Motion) my leather boots Long(new)
[mpb] Biologically Delicate - Pomegranate Passio; (50l fridays)
Skirt:Emery - Dress Baltimore #Gray
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Silver) - Med
Tights:Pig - Lace Tights - Dark Grey UP
Top:This is a Fawn - String Dress [black](50l friday)
Hair[ Tiny Bird ]:. Millionaire - Pepper(50l friday on the dildo Parrot vender)

Ok so I love love love this dress and the back is just Ka-Blam sexy and had to include a picture of the back to show it off,  also wearing the new  Estelle skin from lis noir the face is by far one of the cutest fresh faces on the grid and im loving her<3 and with the lil Tiara from Miss Hykovas hair Millionaire Makes this outfit a million dollers.
p.s im loving the billboard advert behind me XD

Hair:Maitreya RiverII pitch
Skin:Lis Noir Pout-ESTELLE-nudey bar (new) byBeatrix Hienrichs
Bag:PARADISIS Pashion : Bag Pink  by Ankhari Tammas( was an old group gift)
Boots:(Milk Motion) my worn ankle boots *black*(new)
Belt:LAQ ~ Dark Grey Belt from an old lac cardigan
Scarf:Maitreya Long Scarf
Tights:Sh*t Happens - Almost Black Cheetah Print Stirrups
This is a Fawn - String Dress [black](50l friday)
.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Millionaire Headband (attaches to nose)(50lfriday)

now im late for my train ttyl love always Vanity

 Love, Peace, Kebab Grease


Uma Ceawlin said...

love, peace and kebab grease is prolly one of my favorite sentences everzzzz!
Also, that string dress...dayum! omg, WTF, its awesomes! Perfect last pic, we just feel like popping those buttons and stuffs and know what lovin' bea's skins on you. so so cute! <3 <3 Is that train comin' my way, cause drinks on me! muahs

Zoie Millar said...

Can you tell me where you took these pics please! I want to see that poster!! ty

Vanity said...

ahaHa Umapoo <3
You dolly can pop my buttons anyday yea I think bea has come along way with these skins the faces are so cute, and honey nonono you got it wrong the Drinks are on me and in you! lol


hey zoe the pics was taken on the Trilogy Sim honey <3 the advert is fro Bonnie and Clide which was one of my fav blogs on the feeds the lovely Dahlia and Nicolas have retired there blog but still have the love<3

bellatrixmai said...

All skins look so good on you, a lot of your post you have different skin on and they all fit you so well Estelle from lis noir is not one that Ive heard of I must check it out


icampese said...

i looove this style! especially the upper part lol<3

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