An oldy but a goody…

You open your Inventory. A closet full of clothes stare you in the face. You stare back with equal force as you close your eyes with fear, But no matter how much you stare sometimes you draw a blank well thats how I feel when i look at my inventory.
For the life of me not a day goes by, I don't say I need to sort this crap out  its one huge mess
and where to start is a big fail.
But Today im glad I attempted operation clean up! or I would never of found these old super coats from Musim
which I forgot about.

So my post is about recycling the old but goodys with a touch of newness..

I love Love love this coat,

Dress:(P-K) Two straps summer dress(old)
Shoes(Royal Blue) Sluts in Skyscrapers Noir and Lemon Sting(old)
Coat*Muism* [Military Coat] Retro blue(very old)
Hair:fri. - Neva.2 - Anxious Blond(old)
Belt:fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Gold)(old)
Tights:oh mai!O: Basics Sheer Leggings [NAVY] (old)
Skin:JM:Mai skin yu 06(old)

Hair Bow:Split Pea Press my face up to the window - worn on mouth/ Gatcha festival(new)
Bag:Armidi Gisaci:Gordie Leather Bag - Black(old)
Hair:Kookie Ono hair  blonde(new) this hair made me be blonde all day love Love Love it such a cute style and the bangs style is yummy.
Coat:Muism [The chic coat] Houndstooth long sleeve(very old)
Boots:Truth:Sophia Boot [midnight](old)
Under shirt:fri. - Ballet.Sweater (Black) - Top(new)
Gloves:Mimikri - Gloves black
Belt:{NODECO}Belt-Kuro/Kae Sahara
note boot:Scribble Moleskine (Blythe)(old)
Jeans:Armidi Kogo Skinny jeans black(old)

Love vanity


Anonymous said...

Wow I have the first coat as well in red I forgot all about it, and I've been into the whole admiral look this season and I would not of had to spend as much if I remembered thus coat.

Love the styling on both looks you look cute as a blonde.



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