Flickit the bean :D

My name is Vanity and I am a I am a skin addict!there I said it breaths out sigh of relief
So thank god for Keiko feeding my dirty habit with A new skin range called lake.
The New Face is truly Gorgeous its its own Unique way she has a very natural slight sad face .
There 3 face tones with 12 makeups total with two options yummy freckles and no freckles,
the make up ranges  from Natural to Glam and the understated
each of them beautiful in their own unique way.
Keiko has totally re worked her skins New body shading I love the bootay and the back look here are just simply gorge. The new lips are so pretty love love love.
ima just let the pictures do the talking XD

4 of the makeup options in the pale tone.
larger pic &Bean - Lake barbie,&Bean nohaybanda, lilacwings.

4 of the make up options in the Mid tone
Larger pic &Bean - Lake ohnoes, kablam, redwing,Nude.

4 of the make up options in the Mid tone
larger pic &Bean - Lake Norm lastweekend,&Bean - Lake Norm nohaybanda
The skins go on sale sunday 6th yes tomorrow evening  oh and thats not all yes im talking alot today
all hair by friday pantys by bp was from starlust panty raid
GUYS theres something for you to :D

isnt he just yummy drools haha
keiko has also started a new &bean flickr group here to join
whispers also dont forget to join the &bean subscribe as well in store word has it she just might drop a goody in there.....
but dont tell anybody  I told you XD
love Van


Anonymous said...

Omg gimmie gimme sets up camp outside shop XD


Caroline said...

also that first picture is tre cute

Linka said...

must try em ;)

Felidae said...

these skins look so cute i tried them on my shape but your shape is perfect for them.

I love the cry one I buy nice blog to x

Anonymous said...

Were can buy that eyelashes? or the name?

Vanity said...

awww yay glad you guys like the skins
the lashes are from Arsonova called black long lashes there in a pack with 3 sizes

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