My Pocahontas

My Pocahontas by you. ....she dreamt of blue skies, the soft breeze and sunshine .....she forgot who she was and where she came from.. My Pocahontas by you. Marie is on a mojor roll right now so much stuff coming out and due to come out but these sandals when dropped on me made my jaws drop is there anything she cant do. The sandals will be out today make sure you tp over to Milkmotion @ the cupcake sim. not a long post but one that i needed to do <3 BODY: Hair: Glitter hair +*gl*+M+black Skin: Maitreya Apple - Caramel Lashes: Eyelashes & Moody Eyes ARSNOVA // BLACK long Eyelashes CLOTHING: Vest:**Rhapsodie**Bohemian Vest Tank Top:**THE CLOSET** Simple Tank Top Brown Pants:(:Tangy denim brown short Shoes:My pocahontas sandals(Milk Motion) ACCESSORIES: Necklace:[ICoN]Heart necklace gold(chest) Ring:!SyDS! Chocolate Flower Ring Hair Flower:old group gift from Kurotsubaki milkmotion advert by you. <3van>


CrazyC said...

i waaaaaaaaant
i waaaaaaaaant
i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!

millie brewer said...

aww i love ur looks with sandals i cant wait to get them >.< i tped over as soon as i saw this postage but they wansnt there yet grr lol

Dahlindah Destiny said...

i love the sandals great look.
i love the lil flower in ur hair looks so cute ill have to im them to see if they will pass even though was a group gift but so cute

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