Boho Chic

The whole look was inspired by Florence And The Machine and if you have not heard of her you must listen now Florence And The Machine - Dog Days Are Over Dooo etttttttt The song clip reminds me of a huge aftermath at old sessions at hotel dare which reminds me The Hotel Dare is back and it’s Mash up Time. Sponsored by Nur Moo, the Sorin Group™ The New Session opens opens tomorrow 8am slt. Artists include Artoo Magneto, Miabella Foxley, Soror Nishi, Censoredmy Lunt, Marie Lauridsen, Daniel Luchador and of course Gattina Dumpling velvets/214/116/78 Eyes: Sakura -Brown- *REDGRAVE* Skin: (fd) Dark Skin - Gold Cheek Dust Hair: Maitreya Faye – Chocolate +(fd) Hair Stuff (Tree Underfoot) Top: KUROTSUBAKI short Knit_brown Skirt: **THE CLOSET** Frill Skirt ivy Necklace TS*Sophisticated long necklace & Vintage Heart Necklace (old curio gift) Bag: :::Last ride::: Bird bag [Brown] Socks:Maitreya PrimBistre Shoes:Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Ruff Leather Green Pose::::sunflower poses:::


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