The NOTsoBAD team have been very busy over the last couple of weeks releasing new stunning Eastern  inspired prefabs.
  The new three houses are all available in two versions, furnished or not furnished
The way the NotsoBad team do what they do best the sculpts are and textures are amazing so warm and spicy, exotic and very inviting
The house's are also all fitted with a new full house control system that will offer you a lot of options from changing wall colors to tuning into over 30 radio stations.

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        Reda Bertolucci and Emilie Freund Have seriously captured the beauty of the middle east with these prefabs.
 the Sheherazade,Tanja and Abalya are out now at NotsoBad.

 Love Vanity.


Kiki d said...

I really enjoyed this post vanity i hope to see more like this :P

looks so wonderful there I cant wait to see it

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