and every breath we drew caused a sigh. (Lelutka Ife Dark)

Why hello there!
Its been a while....
I'm a Little overwhelmed with what’s new and what Ive seen on the feeds I feel kinda lost.
But I promise ill be updating more then I have been very soon, once I get back in the blogging spirit.

The recently released dark Ife skin from Lelutka is one of my absolute favorites from the recent Lelutka skin releases.
This Skin Tone got me very excited when a recent skin group gift was sent out which I believe is still available if you join the Lelutka in world group. 
Friends that see me around in sl will often spot me in darker tones and ethnic skins so When Minnu released this tone my face was pure XD. So thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!<3

The face is so gorgeous and exotic.

face pictures have not been edited raw from sl just cropped.

Ife dark comes with seven makeup options a base, with and without a hair base.
As well as the volumizer option for this tone.
CROSSES fingers there will be an even darker ife shade.

Hair:booN JPN670 hair black and fri. - Marie - Cranky Brown
Hair Accessories:!!WILD O Flower garden blue
Necklace: Shade Throne: El rosario black
Top:fri. - Draped.Back Sweater (Brown) - Shirt
Shoes:(Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals
Tattoo:Aittui - Fatima
Skirt:-Collect*- Holy night skirt_flower/skirt Yurin Wirefly
Bag:Lotta Strawbag
Belt:Maitreya part of bf jeans

I could not help but add a lil style picture in as well :P

Love Vanity.


Elikapeka Yokosuka said...

Wow vanity this skin is so stunning on you.
I MUST TRY ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

great editing as always x

Mika Mikazuki said...

Wow just beautiful Skin!

Anonymous said...

You make lelutka skins look so so good I always go when I see ur posts to try as I'm not the biggest fan of the skins but I loved the éclat black line I must give these a try to also the skirt in the pic is <3

Selina T

Anonymous said...

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Aliana said...

I agree so pretty that first pic made me stop on the feeds so breathtaking and the styling so cute vani you look rawrrr and drop dead cute in one post.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the biggest lelutka lover for skins tbh but your post makes them look really pretty, so I got s demo it's not bad still iffy on my shape but I love it.
but I have alot of tweeking to do to get my nose right.
Steals your shape. ^^

Medina Habilis said...

Love your face so much.

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