Manitys Gone all Dutch

Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch released four Male skins over the course of the month I've been dying to get Manity out the closet for a little while now.
So When the New Dutch Skins came out it was an excuse to go play  Dress up Ken Doll with all the new skins.
Oh and might I add

I needed to take lots of pictures and show off for you guys.
ima show you up close pictures of three of them Red, Mace, Nic
Rod would of been shown as well however sl ate him :(

Just like the women’s skins, Ikis skins are all hand drawn so much love and work goes into these skins.

Meet Red
What a handsome Redhead
You dont find many skins for redheads and this is made so well ,Comes with and without hair base, with and without facial hair ,and comes in Pale, Cream and Deep Olive skin tones.

                               Mace                                                                    Nic
Mace, is the more mature looking one of the two where is Nic is slightly more youthful and Fresh looking.
Mace Really Screams vanitys Brother to me the wide lips and pouty face when i changed back to Jolie it Really made me smile how simalar Manity was to vanity looks wise.
Both Skins come in Cream, Olive, and Cocoa skin tones Comes with and without facial hair and also with and without an Hairbase.

The Manitys XD

Left to Right.
Boots: Anexx  Lace up Boots Black
Hat:(epoque) Baggy Knit Hat - Color Change
Pants: NinikoBoy knickers Pants
Shirt: NinikoBoy White shirts
Hair:(epoque hair) Stress - red
Skin:Dutch touch Red:Pale - Goatee
Scarf:[LeLutka]-Frio Scarf
Jacket:[LeLutka]-Luke Jacket Black
Socks:Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Grey Sock
Bag:Singing moth Messenger black gold

Hat:Kari - Newsboy cap Stitched
Hair:(epoque hair) Gruesome - black
Skin:Dutch Touch Nik Cream Style 1
Sweater :[LeLutka]-Chris black
Scarf:[LeLutka]-Diego Scarf LightGray
Pants:[LeLutka]-Rene Pants
Shoes:Hoc Apparel -  Leather Loafers
Belt:Maitreya BF Jeans Belt
Shirt:Pig - Unisex V-Neck - Boy Blue

Coat:Niniko Boy: Toggle coat(Beige)P
Pants:Muism[Tartan check pants Macrae
Hair:MADesigns Hair: Akami
Skin: Dutch Touch: MaCeCream - EBBlack
Shoes:Hoc Apparel -  Leather Loafers
Top:Pig - Unisex V-Neck - Eggshell

Shoes: Akeyo sneaker Adidaz
Pants:Niniko BoyCheck BAKER
Bag:Muism  Massenger bag White
Skin:Dutch Touch Rod: Cream - MU ScarFace HB CH
Shirt:Curiosity Striped Jumper
Hair:Uw.St Ewan-coffee

Love Vanity


Noelle Hathaway said...

your guy Avater is very cute im in love with the Red skin and outfit its just saying scotsman to me love it.

Keiko bean said...




Anonymous said...

my wardrobe is set for the whole year now

Anonymous said...

You should do more male styling secretly loved this post shhhhhh

Linka said...

great male looks, not every woman can make soo good stylings for worse sex:P

Nicolas said...

I agree I love very much red style and nic style I want your male shape would you sell it?

If yes I sent message in games to asks you thanks you for posting great Dutch skin styles

Wyatt Wellman said...


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