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After a chaotic couple of weeks working on Cheesecake and cupcake sim Feels great to be back in the blogging seat again, Oh and im telling you now there will be loads more updates from now on \0/.
The long awaited new girl skins from Dutch Touch are finally out and no one is more happyer then me seeing Iki back at work, after a bumpy few months for Iki and Dutch Touch and those close to her will know what im talking about. I will just say this, its really hard seeing a friend go threw seeing her art work abused in such a shoddy way in fact its heartbreaking.

Iki has released two new girl Lines Gwen and Sjors, ill be showing Sjors in this posting,  Just look at that doll face,Sjors has is a fresh and beautiful face with luscious pouty lips a gorgeous nose and I could go on I am in love!
I will do a quick style posting as well as a little review so sorry for the spam of pictures but I'm just so happy to be taking pictures again XD

Gyorgyna Larnia’s new line LG FEMME joint venture with Lucifer Berman is seriously hot stuff,Gyorgyna, she’s the wonderful owner of Lagyo one of my favorite jewelry makers in sl, the whole Lg collection is innovative and fun.
Style Sheet.
 Hair:Lelutka Lea hair - WalnutWhip
Skin:Dutch Touch Sjors Cocoa Eagle NEW
Eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes (Brown)
Shoes:Courtisane Hors d'haleine Boots in bark
Bag:Shade Throne St Suitcase mid size aged(loves these and the animation bag holds are great)NEW
Socks:p.c Romantic Soliloquy Undergarments(Which was part of an old spring collection can be found on slex now)
Bolero:Old cubic csr gift tinted brown only sleeves used.
Top:Part of Lelutka Ultra Constricted in nude
Skirt:Lg Femme Baroque skirt old pink NEW

Sjors Make ups(NON EDIT)

            Sjors cream in Eagle                                           Basic make up in Cocoa
                                       shown with and with out freckle options                              
        Hard to believe there hand drawn there just perfection

Im so glad Iki did a pip with Sjors so pretty and the Joker is Loud and screams Pop love it.

Love Vanity
p.s thank you all for coming to the cheesecake opening and a special Thank you to Nina,Trace,and Anemysk who was absolute stars with helping.


thefashistsl said...

Indeed love, you look wonderful. I agree, the skins look great.

Tish. said...

Waaaaah!!! I want that skirt!! *falls in love*

and the skin Of Dutch is much pretty on you, i am big fans of your blog nice to see you post today.

Vyoletta Guyot said...

Please help I cant find these wonderful skins in the Dutch Touch im lost.

oh and I love your picture of this skin

Dita Tran said...

style is so nice and you always do beautiful images!! keep the good work Vanity!;)

Keiko said...

Awww pretty Vani you look adorable let's get married!!!!!?

Oh that's right we already are wooooowhaaaaa \o/

Nina said...

i am just glad that there is no dead chicken inside your mouth :p

looks the comment above and cries! lol
Keiko broke my lil fagile heart =~~~~ lol

aw huni you always so pretty, sweet and magical and if there is any oportunity to help you i will w/o any second thoughts, love you

Vanity said...

thank you all for the comments....

awww you all make me smile <3

Nina you gave me the idea for the next posting haha xx love you to

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