&Beans Pillow

Keiko releases her new &bean skin line tomorrow named Pillow!
Mrs Esparza/Morigi ♥ worked hard lately and brought us brand new skin line.
Which has very quickly become Main skin.
Pillow has a sweet Innocent girlish face and lovely and soft body.

Pillow Comes with Six options per skin pack, from thicker brows to bleach blond brows to adorable freckles.

Pillow comes in three skin tones pale,light and tanned and I have to say I think keiko really did well with the tan, its like a dark sunblush really cute and like I mentioned before body itself is very soft but nicely detailed at the same time.
What I love about Keiko and her skin releases is that each line is totally unique its not a skin line that follows on each Skin like so far has had its own character and look and feel to them,

Below im showing you examples of make up and skin tones.



& Tan

Style Credits
&bean Pillow-out tomorrow(Keikos new main shop@cupcakes opposite Snookys poses)By Keiko Morigi
Hair:(fd) Sunday Shoelace by Toast Bard
Lashes:Arsnova// Brown long Eyelashes by Thiuscy Cioc
Bubbles:Turnip's Bubbly Bits pink by Turnip Sorbet
Eyes:pc eyes by LL - hot mocca - medium by Lano Ling

Wishing you all an amazing new year.
Love Vanity


Aliana said...

Holy Fap you look great in these skins :0
love the angle xxx

Jaou Oh said...

very pretty

Iren Core said...

I feel like I have waited my whole life for these skins.
Ever since I got the Hallowe'en preview skin, I havent slept for dreaming about this release.
Of course, today would be the day my bank account decides not to let me buy lindens.
These skins are absolutely stunning. So beautiful.
Your post just makes me even more excited and scared at how much I need these. You look gorgeous.

Dita Tran said...

I feel the same to I'm so excited I can't wait. They look amazing on you by they way.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!!your style is so nice and you always do beautiful images!! keep the good work Vanity!;)

Iren Core said...

Just wanted to check that you had received a notecard from me. My head is like a sieve and I cant remember if I sent it. I remember writing it, and it's in my inventory, but I do this all the time; write and forget.

Ellie celt said...

I always love how you do skin review posts, but down side is after I always end up spending my lindens I love the bubble pics.

Love Ellie C x

happy new year Vanity

Nuna Harris said...

Very cute skin and pictures you look like a cute pixie blows your bubbles away ^^

Anonymous said...
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Vanity said...

awww thank you all for the great comments muah means alot to me <3

and &BEAN ftw

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