Cupcake sim re opens

ISON-Harry Hyx(new)
The Closet-bambi63 Rehula
 Lamb-Lamb Bellic
 Glam Affair-aida Ewing
 LaGyo Gyorgyna Larnia
 LaViere-Azure Electricteeth
  tokidoki-Maya Levane
 Vive 9 Sanya Bilavio & Inna Bilavio
 Miel-Mika Nieuport& Miel Nirvana
 Mockingbird-Louise Nemeth(new) coming soon
sur+-Sienia Trevellion
Turnip-Turnip Sorbet
Tres Blah-Julliette Westerburg
Clawtooth-Bubbles Clawtooth
BP*-BettiePage Voyager
duboo.-Newreem Waffle
{u.f.o}-charming Meiler-como Setsuko
[kik] -as001 Littlething
+mocha+-flexagons Villota
 t o m o t o-Tomo Wachter
 TOSL-Quinlan Quimby
 Kyoko Couture-kyo Milena
fall into decay- oki Karas
C'est Moi!-Marcantonio Beaumont
Loq hairs-Gia pawpad
U&R-Ruriko Jewell & Uta Karas
GIEREH-Giereh Thorr
Sea salt-Stein Shilova
Moho inc-Moho Rain(new)
Pda-Izzy Bereznyak(coming soon)
 [glow] Anemysk Karu  Jocelyn Anatine, Linka Demina
 FIR & MNA-Rob1977 Moonites
  Oh! Studio marcopol Oh
  SMS-Irie Campese
  [croire]-Emily Kaestner
  elka Lehane-!BF
  +KiiToS!!+ renamed to "pivaaca-Trish Blanco
   CheerNo Kira Ahn & Cattiva Vita
   [North West] Lili Brink
   Tableau Vivant M4ri1yn Magic(new)
     [SLUG] Arscene Dubrovna(new)
After Oliver by After Oliver(new)
This is a Fawn - OMGWTF Barbecue(coming soon)
Lo-Keiko Morigi(coming soon)
   Milkmotion-Marie Lauridson
Mary had a little name-Makitan Kidd
Mons skin-ekilem
LpD-Nevery Lorakeet

Its been a while! 5months to be exact but were back, hope you love the new Cupcake sim as much as we do love
Marie &Vanity

    plus more stores to be announced!


Chance Greatrex said...

LOVE the poster! I have to log in and check it out!..MUAH! ;)

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