Under The Bridge (New Dutch Touch Skins)

Its been a while Since I did a pure skin Post, I've really been wanting to get back into skin reviews for some time now and so took the opportunity to do so with the newest skin releases By Iki.
Dutch Touch recently released its three newest skins Tekla,Eefje And Fay.
All Three Lines are stunningly beautiful Ikis worked very hard on these and you can tell,The shading is realistic with every detail being hand drawn to perfection.

She comes in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.

Eefje also comes with in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.

 She comes in 8 skin tones(Ebony,CafeNoir,coffee,choco,Cocoa,Fudge,Honey,Olive)

Credits and Info.
All Skins are Sold as Base only packs, Which include With and without hairbase layers, cleavage options,Mole and Freckles options, and 2.0 layers,&Lashes.
Fay and Eefje come with Different color brow and hairbase options,tekla only comes with dark Brow &base Options.
Iki has also released Various Makeup packs Eye shadows,eyeliners,Lipsticks I especially love the Faded Lipstick pack and the Vanity Liners there really bright and colorful :P

Skins:All skins are By Dutch Touch
Hair:All Hair By Boon
Bodysuit:Part of the Armenia Dress Lelutka

The Photos in the water are edited slightly just fixing edges and Shadows.
The full Frontal Pictures have not been edited at all pure sl using wl and shadow settings.
All make up used is from Dutch Touch.
The New Skin is in a Back Room heres a Direct Slurl



Selene said...

Simply exquisite <3

Anonymous said...

So beautiful like art very nice skin I like Eefja alot
You blog very nice, how is your windlight which one used for face picture its very good

Chance Greatrex said...

This is stunning photography Van! It made me stop in my tracks! ;)

Liess said...

omfg Vanity, this is amaaaaazing.

Desiree Debruyere said...

Wow! Amazing photos!

Keiko Morigi said...

Stunning skin post love. I absolutely LOVE the shots you took. So clear and ugh so lovely!

Lisbeth Gummibaum said...

so beautiful!! absolutely love love love this post!

Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E <3333333333 pok

Dailyn Holfe said...

this skin is so pretty love your face to much.
I like fay to much i love freklaes on the face nice post thank you

Nuria Niven said...

OMG! I was stunned :o it's amazing!

Gyorgyna Larnia said...

amazing post darling!! it seems u can amaze me much more evry time!! <3
perfect photos, love the calm water effect...adn u look truly pretty in this skin :D

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