Empire of the sun

We have definitely moved from autumn into winter here in London....and we've had some beautifully misty mornings recently....depending which side of Muswell Hill  you are on, London always looks amazing in the winter regardless of the cold weather.
One thing i Love about sl that we dont really have Seasons and we can skip about in our Undies and Bikinis no matter what time of year it may be.
Needing to warm up i thought id Build a Dessert scene for this post.
So even though this is Kinda of late I wanted to do a continuation of my stranded post hope you enjoy

ps So happy that Iki from Dutch Touch has just re worked The Jolie Skin which is one of my favorite Dutch Touch faces<3

Skin:Dutch Touch:JoLiE:V2 Caramel- Eagle-Iki Ikarus New
hair:british short no longer avialiable was from a 2008 Dommoco event
headress: Feathers:[Anaphora] Smokahonta_Zinnwaldite-Nishant Zobovic(le look exclusive) this came with very cute hair but was modded for 
Kurotsubaki:Used flower cardigan brown-sato Yifu
jacket:Ce Cubic effect Short leather-mirai Jun
Top:Maitreya RB Tank Brown-Onyx LeShelle
Belt:LeLutka-MI VIDA Belt Brown-Azufr3 Catteneo
Feather Belt:Shade Throne Feathers Skirt Tan-Undo Hermano
Boots:Kao:suede fringe boots camel-Kao Sands
lashes:glow Devilicious 00-Anemysk Karu
Necklace:The Closet:Feather Pendant-bambi63 Rehula
Socks:en Svale (olive)[free]-Zooey Yokosuka
Face Tat:MONS / Face Tattoo Soldier:Ekilem MelodieNew

FeatherBelt:Shade Throne Feathers Skirt Tan-Undo Hermano
Pants:LeLutka-IBAGUE pants brownie-Azufr3 CatteneoNew
Jacket:LeLutka-MATUSALEN jacket choco-(unisex)Azufr3 CatteneoNew
Tattoo:Gok chains of faith-Danel Kurosawa
Boots:Kookie:Nyox Hobbit(Old 50 Linden friday item)Kookie Lemon
Feather Makeup:LG Concept Winged makeup black- Gyorgyna Larnia New
Hair:Anaphora Kura II Umber- Nishant Zobovic(group gift)New
Skin:DENDOU 7 -Dark-05 Beard2-denchu Dench
Eyes:DEN-DOU eyes II -Black- denchu Dench 

      oh and before I forget Happy Birthday Trace I hope you have the most Amazing day Love you <3

                                                                       Love Vanity


stella said...

Empire of the Sun is one of my favorite bands, stunning post as always Vani

I love those feathers on you your Guy Avi there really cool.

Nuria Niven said...

Awesome! I loved <3

Azu Catteneo said...

It is great to see Manity back

and its a lovely song, you are amazing!

Vogue said...

The colors really are standing out in pictures , the headdress is very amazin, and had to be mine
Love your posts.

Also was wondering where this picture was taken

Linda said...

wow love this fashion very nice

Estella Magic said...

Amazing photos and styling! Wow, I love that headdress.

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