I wanna do bad things with you..........

Hello I think I used to blog here!
I'm slowly creeping back into Sl after the most amazing summer off travelling and spending time with my family,But now that the cold nights are slowly creeping back, so will I be :P
I wasn't planning on posting tonight but I very much got inspired after seeing the new sexy little Mack It Jacket from Lelutka.
Hope You Enjoy the Post.

Skin:&Bean-The Pale Anger kicks-Keiko Morigi
Eyes:Mynerva-Soul Heart Eyes-Charcoal -Zarothan Wylder
Hair:lamb. Glass Candy-Ink-Lamb Bellic
hair2:Loq Hairs- Hot Chocolate Black-Gia Pawpad
Jacket:LeLutka-Mackin It tan-Azufr3 Catteneo(New out now)
Tattoo:S o H-Phoenix tattoo faded-Seven Mornington
Socks:ZC-Nishar socks knee nude open toe-Zaara Kohime
Gloves:MekaNoiZe Labs- De/konstruk Black Gloves (shop closed)
Bag:LeLutka-Cadmio bag- Azufr3 Catteneo (New out now)
Note Book:Scribble- Moleskine (Blythe)-Radio Signals
Shoes:Royal Blue- Secretary's Dream Pumps-Marni Grut
Boy:Azufr3 Catteneo

p.s being away for so long it's bit over whelming and taking me a little while to sort out inventory and note cards so please bare with me 
Love always Vanity x


Journey Lorakeet said...

Great wb post Vanity! This is sexy, in an dominant, crazy chic way. I luvs it. ;) lol

marls Mckenzie said...

This post is full of Rawr great story style and post.

Alivea Landar said...


Vitabela Dubrovna said...

great post indeed

Chance Greatrex said...

yay for inspiration at last! ;))

Kateyyyyy said...


Anonymous said...

great post Vanity! it reminds me a recent photoshoot with Naomi Campbell who poses with a masacred guy, a prisonner or something...

Irie C

Mariella Tammas said...

bravo great post very fashion

Newreem Waffle said...

vanivani always so sexy woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Bad with class... lovely!

stella said...


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