Hounds Of Love

Keiko Has been hard at work for past few months working on a new skin line, we saw a glimpse of the new face with the opening of Trilogy where she had three Themed Skins out of for sale.

But Hounds Of Love which is the new name inspired by a Kate Bush song, as are most of Keikos items names inspired by her.
The Skin has been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and is being released very very shortly so please join &bean group for further updates.

The Skin will come in three tones with Three brow options in each pack.
I'm going to be showing all three tones with the different brow options and some of the make ups that will be available.
There is rather a few pictures in the post sorry but had to show Pretty pretty face.
Hounds of Love Light
Brow option 2

Hounds Of Love Tan

Hounds Of Love Dark Tan
Brow Three

Lashes:lashes:Arsnova long Eyelashes-Thiuscy Cioc
Hair By Lelutka,W&Y, And 69
New &bean Skin out soon

Love Vanity


Sophie Hayir said...

OMG! I love love your pictures!

love this post <3 and <3&bean

Kiki d said...

Ughhhh I cant wait, I love Keikos skins so much

COME ON KEIKO goes to set up camp now!

Ps i love your skin Posts so much <3

Strawberry Singh said...

Beautiful and I can't wait! <3

Anonymous said...

You make every skin look so good in your posts i cant wait.

<3 &bean

Aliyah s

Brandi Blister said...

Great Post I really love keikos work.

Your Avatar always looks great in all skins.
HATEs >.<

Nina said...

Keiko is awesome!! (bah everybody knows that, but kissing her ass is cool)
cant wait for this kins to be released!!

and love the pictures <3
nobody can show skins like you do!

Luna said...

I love the make ups on the paler tone you have shown very sweet.
The skin looks Adorable I love the deatail under the eyes.

Hopes it's out soon.

Carolina Sautereau said...

you look so beautiful! love the pictures too !! <3

Cindy Thatum said...

Simply Gorgeous post, I love the little deatails you put in the first picture are the birds ingame there so sweet if so pleaseeee if you don't mind letting me know.
I loved the Trilogy makeups so looking forward to these.

Kaetel Seubert said...

omg *-*

Keiko Skins are wonderful!
And you did a great job showing us them in a even wonderful way! :)

Linda Mensing said...


I can't wait I've been excited since the Trilogy skins!
you look so pretty in the skins.

Always love your posts,POST MORE!

Vanitys other lover >.> said...

yay I don't get excited often but new &bean \o/

Vanity's only lover said...

I am more excited!

Love love the pictures & Vani <3

Bella Baroque said...

OOooooo Vani! Just wandered over here to drool some more from your Flickr page and was pleased to find MORE &bean goodness. Oh I can't wait for Keikoface to release these :D

Holli Pocket said...

Your Avatar is so cute looks so sweet in all skins I really love your posts photography.

Love Holli

Katey said...

AAAAH they look soso cute!!

You're adorableeee miss you <3 xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Van, thank you so much for making the most sweet and kick ass lovely blog. I love the pic of you and the little birds!!! *_* my bubbah ilusm!

Eurydice Barzane said...

You look gorgeous - and the skins are *all* so goddamn beautiful!
*pouts* <---- The skins are compellingly pouty!

ps: I've attempted several pouty emoticons, but they all look like I'm screaming or have a cat's bum mouth. You'll just have to imagine me pouting off into the distance....

Vanity said...

oh wow

Thank you guys so much for all the comments &bean is pure <3 for me.


TY everyone and KEIKO MUAH MUAH TY for making a super cute skin.


and hugs ty really it really means alot as recently ive been a lil bla with blogging and sl makes it worth it <333

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