A little bit of skin

Iki just released two more beautiful skins Amber And Maan, Amber is a beautifull beautiful Black skin, Iki knows how much I love black  or darker tanned skins so when I saw this skin in the making I was so excited and it really meet all expectations.
Thank you Anemysk for posing with me <3
Amber comes with 9 different makeups, each makeup has several options for eyebrows, cleavage and hair base, as well as two cleavage options.

Maan is another exotic Tone and face released from Dutch Touch, Maan comes in one skin tone and comes with a fat pack of 9 skins and there are 4 duo packs of 8 more make ups which gives Maan a total of 17 makeup options!!!!

 showing some of my favorite make options

Ditch Touch main store taxi

Love Vanity



Anonymous said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! <3

ɹǝʇsuoɯ said...

oh wow the Amber skin is so beautiful, ive not tried many black skins but looks so cute

Anonymous said...

where did you get that long and short hair with you in the tan skin?

Anonymous said...

sorry ..os which shop they are the eyes? thank you very much and congratulations by your blog


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