Vaudeville Are you ready for the show (part one)

Its time for Round Three of the Designers United event and most probably one of the biggest so far with 39 brands are participating, the theme being
I have seen so many amazing creations so far, so many of the designers have out done them selves I will be splitting the postings into different sections the first being getting ready for the show.
The next parts being the show items them selves
  and can I say rawRRRRRR I have to say some of the show girl outfits are just so so dam sexy I have had great pleasure and fun parading myself with bras and pantys and frills and bustles the last few days whilst trying them all on.

So...... Off to the show

Magic Nook:Vaudeville Poker Card Mouth Attachment
Outfit:Cheerno.Vaude-Ville outfit includes cane
Skin:&Bean - Closer Pale Cry Baby stubble
hair:fri. - Neva.2 - Cynical Black

fan:Magic Nook:Vaudeville Poker Fan / Animated
lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing
Hair:Clawtooth: Play it again Sam - Classic brunette
Dress:Twosome for DU - Dancer by Day - fixed skirt
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Painted Lady (dark thick bro


Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Cacao
LaGyo_hand binocular (resize)
LaGyo_Watch and charms
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01
Top:Twosome for DU - A Lady's Blouse
Hair Piece:LaGyo_Simply a bow black
Skin&Bean -  Babushka beta light(not out)

couverture*vaudevillian fur bolero brown
-LMK- Vaudeville dress
LaGyo_hand binocular
LaGyo_Old watch headpiece
LaGyo_theater lady necklace
Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Pitch

Outfit:Duboo My androgynous look
Lashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01
Skin:-tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp (dark sad brows)
Hair:[OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1- off black
Cane:Cheerno.Vaude-Ville - Metal Cane
Glasses:Duboo 100% Circle glasses (nose)

The Event will be at  “Le quartier des boutiques” which is Polinas new sim.
The event begins on the 28th of December (12pm SLtime) and ends on the 6th of January.


Ai said...

oh wow the twosome dress looks increadable :O
love the vintage feel


Mo Miasma said...

Where is LMK?? Vans i ll shoot you on IM lolol
love these photos completely <333

lux said...

Im excited I cant wait for the event love the style of ppictures.

Anonymous said...

cutee vanity <33

Keiko bean said...



Anonymous said...

I like you blog, is fur also for DU3 I love to much this style


Anonymous said...

vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan <333333333333
thank you for your all effort , love..looking for the following looks :)
great pictures..great styling but
where is the horseeeeeeeeeee?

Lu Waffle said...

Ty Van!!! :D love what you did! Ty for your support!

Mikala Noel said...

I really can't wait for the twosome dress it looks so good :0

Nina said...

you incredible <3

Anonymous said...

I love this boy look but I can't find @bean skin help

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