Black summer

Welcome To The Scene Of The Crash Lelutka Summer 09 Collection
I'm always so excited when Lelutka has a release its never a disappointment Im in love with so many key items The Louise shirt is something I would wear in rl with some skinny jeans and heels its sexy its glam. Let's face it - you can't go wrong with the traditional black outfit, and This Summer collection screams nothing but class from Lelutka As soon as soon as i wore these lovely I was inspired to do a Bond girl Theme Only thing missing is 007 himself and my guns :P
Hotpants:Emery - High Waist Short call on me outfit Skin:..::MAI::..Sonja Midnight Vol.8(Bald) Hair:Maitreya Dylan - Pitch Tattoo:*smudge-Tiny Bird-arm feathers Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe Shirt:[LeLutka]-LOUISE shirt/black
Skin:..::MAI::..Sonja Sunset Vol.5(Bald) Dress:[LeLutka]-ARMADAdress/black_Shirt Shoes:[LeLutka]-TEESE shoes Hair:a.C - STD.GloXhair LULU [Black pearL]
Dress:[LeLutka]-QI dress black Gloves:Mimikri - Cuff Glove L/black Hair:*W&Y HAIR 86 *TYPE*A Lashes:[LeLutka]-MASCARA-lashes Bag:[LeLutka]-Anya bag(Black-Silver) Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup5 Shoes:[LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe
Skin:unnamed not released by Mai Shoes:[LeLutka]-TEESE shoes Hair: [LeLutka] JACQUELINE Swimware:[LeLutka] ~ RAITH ~ swimmini/black comes with a skirt option poses by dare and lotta This blog post is overdue but had a day off today \o/ Thank you Tomo for making me post hehe Love Vanity x


Chance Greatrex said...

I have only one word! F I E R C E ! !

Vanity said...

Thank you Chance its not hard to make it look Fierce with your poses

its been a while since i took pictures i was proud of but the outfits really inspired me its is clothes i would wear in rl You open my waldrobe and you see alot of black, and goof balls out of here <3

Nina Becker said...

"so sexy it hurts"

Vanity said...

aww Nina <3

Anonymous said...

Wow van these pics Are so good the clothing to the picture angles and shadows all perfect <3

Love Mia

Anonymous said...

Nina said it just rawrrrrrrrrrr This is so well done looks like an editorial from a fashion magazine.

Ai <3

Vanity said...

aww thank you guys

Beyonce Dingson said...

I bought that outfit, because it reminded me a little on the alter ego of Beyonce. Sasha Fierce. And you made it look awesome. And I love it :D. Althought the prims are a bitch. But other then that awesome outfit. x

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